The Lost Village – Sect War Guide (Effective Strategies to Win)

Ultimate Guide to Sect War

By Edan.

  • Basic Information: How to engage in sect war or avoid it, what you can get from it, important things to note about sect war.
  • Advanced Information: Formation suppression, equipment, upgrades and effective strategies to win sect war.

Basic Information

Offensive War:

To start a war with a sect, you must discover the location first by sending disciplines. The time required depend on the distance between the destination and your closest city. After that, you can spend a certain amount of spirit stones (depending on the distance) to start a fight with that sect.

Defensive War:

When a sect decide to attack you, you have a few options:

  • Start the fight right away to defense your city.
  • Surrender, lost the city. No lost in affinity toward that sect.
  • Delay the fight for 15y, use the time to strengthen yourself and be prepared.

How to Avoid Sect War:

  • Truce token (prestige shop).
  • Listless policy.
  • Diplomacy: you don’t get attacked by a sect as long as your relation with that sect is above neutral.

What You Can Get from Sect War:

Dual Cultivation Books

Dual cultivation methods obtained from 5 cities Yu, Yuan, Jing, Jin Ling, Muzhou.

  • Harmony bond (Yuan): earth dmg and area, wood dmg and penetration, -10% cdr for all elemental skills.
  • Dual resonance (Jin Ling): summon steel dragon, summons buffs explode on death.
  • Virgin sutra (Yu): SPD buff, attack can launch plume, magnetic area.
  • Heart link (Muzhou): dust sword, DEF and dmg reduction, special formation skill.
  • Eternal youth (Jing): attack can launch soulstamp, max HP on kill, fortitude buff.

Sect Decorations

Sect decoration obtained from 5 cities Yuan, Yang, You, Huai, Lu Ling.

  • Nameless tablet (Yuan): give random XP for a random number of disciplines each year.
  • Turtle statue (Huai): give random lifespan for a random number of discipline each year.
  • Thunder bamboo (Yang): reduce breakthrough time needed for all disciplines.
  • Aquamarine (Lu Ling): reduce recruit time needed for new disciplines.
  • Lotus pond (You): increase mood for all disciplines.


Every 5 years you will receive tributes from cities under your control including spirit stones, prestige points, random skill scrolls, equipment, region specialty. Tax influence the spirit stones received and aura influence the amount of specialty received.

Region specialties and their location:

  • Rice: Lin An
  • Fruits: Time city, Muzhou
  • Rehmannia: Wan city, Dong Xi, Yong
  • Marrow stone: Ling, Jin Ling, Ci Xi
  • Wither fruit: Tao, Bai Yun, Yin Lu
  • Bodhi leaf: Yu He, Si Ci, Yin Xi
  • Dragon saliva: Si city, Qing, Long
  • Dragon branch: Pan, Jing (scale 2)
  • Sky fire: Huai, Gui Hua
  • Fire essence: Yuan, Luo city
  • Nirvana soil: Liang, Tan
  • Ganoderma: Shi
  • Purple mica: Lu Ling
  • Holy essence: You
  • Tribulation spirit: Yang
  • Armor box: Yu
  • Wings box: Jing (scale 3)
  • Yejing token: Yejing

Lin An capital also give either rehmannia or marrow stone as tribute.


If you start an offensive war and win against a sect, at the end you’ll have from 1-3 captives randomly chosen among that sect members. Return and capture won’t reduce the sect member, but kill will permanently remove that sect member from the game. If your goal of war is to capture specific disciplines from a sect, attacking cities with lowest defence and formation for better chance of winning.

Unique captives from Union sect, Fantasy guild and Gan Abyss

  • Captives with exclusive portrait from Union Sect (Immortal Life collab).
  • Captives with exclusive portrait from Fantasy Guild (Leviathan Fantasy DLC).
  • Captives with exclusive portrait from Gan Abyss (Jiangshu DLC).

Specialist Captives

Disciplines that have a predetermined trait set specialize in affair or combat. These are generally the best-in-class disciplines in their respective field of work, come with a set numbers in each sect and can appear as captives after you win the fight. To get these specialist easier, at the end of the fight you can choose to kill off undesired disciplines to permanently reduce the sect members and fight that sect again to have a better chance of capturing a specialist.

Example of specialists:

Important City Stats

  • Rank and number of cultivators: I = Qi refining, II = foundation, III = condense, IV = nascent, V = incarnation, VI = tribulation, VII = ascension.
  • Scale: represent the mortals cap and defensive formation of the city. Scale 1 = bamboo formation, scale 2 = thunder formation, scale 3 = lightning formation.
  • Mortals: affect the development of prosperity, capped by scale and influenced by faith. Scale 1 = 200 mortals, scale 2 = 500 mortals, scale 3 = 2000 mortals.
  • Prosperity: affect city defence. Prosperity = 10x mortal.
  • City defence: affect defender stats in sect war, related to prosperity. 1 = struggling. 1.2 = developing. 1.5 = thriving. 2 = flourishing.
  • Tax: affect the development of mortals and faith. The lower the tax, the faster the city attracts mortals. Range from 0-90%.
  • Faith: affect the rebellious rate of the city. The lower the faith, the higher chance the city will rebel. 3 levels: feeble (0 – 40%), moderate (40 – 70%), zealous (70 – 100%).

Developing City

To improve your city defensive capability in sect war, you need to raise prosperity. Lower tax to 0% to attract more mortals until your prosperity become flourishing. Setting tax at 0% will increase faith by 3% per year.

If a city faith is at feeble or moderate, every year the dice will roll once to determine if the city will rebel. A city has low faith when you take over will have high chance to rebel. Check the map often and reload when needed if you don’t want to lose that city.


  • Winning sect war give each participant 10000 XP and 3000 contribution. Disciplines don’t need to be called into the fight to be rewarded, only participate.
  • Passive effect from dual cultivation books will be activated if the partner is a participant.
  • Sect shield ( defensive formation) and troop (number of participants) can be researched in the celestial hall.
  • Your stats are still suppressed when attacking a sect without a defensive value (exiled sect), but the defender won’t get stat boost.
  • Sect affinity: there’re 5 levels of affinity; enmity (-100), unfriendly, neutral (0), friendly, ally (100) . Affinity will passively decrease over time. Attacking a sect and capture their city will drop affinity with that sect by 100 points. Attacking but not capturing the city will drop affinity with ALL sects from ally to friendly. Affinity improve by fulfilling order in diplomacy hall.
  • Exile sect: when a sect lost their last territory, they’ll become exile, wander around the map and randomly trying to take a territory from an enemy sect. If they’re attacked in this state, they’ll suffer casualty that permanently reduce their members. The sect will permanently vanish if there’s no members left.
  • Another form of sect war is demonic land / bloody cavern / immortal cave. The sects will fight at full power without suppression in these places.

Advanced Information

Game balance related, subject to changed. Information will be updated if more details are discovered and updates changing things. Equipment, upgrade and strategies are suggestions and proven methods, not the only way to play. Try different things for yourself.

Formation Suppression:

At the moment there’s no clear explanation how the needed points work as it seem to change randomly, unrelated to kills and can boost your character stats even more than the base stats. One thing for certain is that the stronger the formation, the stronger the defender will be.


Stats are suppressed at the beginning of the fight and gradually increase as you get points /the formation become weaker.

  • HP: not suppressed but get a great boost instead.
  • ATK: heavily suppressed, can be boosted decently by fix value, stacking and +% from equipment and certain skills.
  • DEF: slight suppressed.
  • CRIT: heavily suppressed. Only basic attack can cause crit.
  • TD: unaffected, give a flat damage value that ignoring defence, damage the enemy HP directly and added to any instance of damage you cause.
  • C.DMG: unaffected.
  • DODGE: unaffected.
  • H.RATE: unaffected.
  • SPD: unaffected.


Torah progress doesn’t increase over time, you need to kill enemies to progress it. Don’t overload your torah cards, only choose what you want the most to have better chance of drawing it. (The minimum number of a card type = the number of magic weapons of that type you have equipped)

Notable Torah

  • Thrust: ATK +80, CRIT +15, 60s.
  • Lethal: CRIT +80, 120s.
  • Chilliness: Cause 2 dizziness stacks in 8m AoE (unable to move, attack, cast skill for 10s).
  • Earth cure: Heal 38% HP.


All stats come from equipment except ATK attribute are not suppressed (both from affixes and other attributes that aren’t ATK). This mean any magic affixes you have will add directly to your stat after the suppression effect is calculated and can greatly boost your starting stats. Another thing to note, % affixes, such as ATK %, will calculated base on your base stat and added to your starting stat after the suppression.

An example is you have 1000 ATK, the suppression makes you have 100 ATK at the start of combat. You have an equipment with ATK 5%, that will be calculated base on base stat and not suppressed stat, So your total ATK after the suppression and equipment took effect will be 150 ATK.

Notable Equipment

  • Ruthless armor: base shield 1000, +80% ATK while having shield, -80% ATK while not having shield, -100% physical DEF and spell DEF (shield is very easy to get broken, but the ATK% can be good for summons).
  • Devil armor: base shield 2000, 100% DEF.
  • Thunder Wings: base dodge 225, movement speed 45%, dodge give 2% SPD stack to 200%.
  • Sky Cloth: physical DEF 50%, spell DEF 50%, rebound 45% dmg taken.
  • Frost Clogs: 80% C.DMG.
  • Cangbi Broadsword: highest base ATK in all weapon type, base C.DMG 96.

Notable Affixes:

  • Been attacked have 50% chance to restore 5% HP.
  • ATK +15% for 10s when successfully dodge, max 5 stacks.
  • % stat increase.
  • Lightning chain, flame rain, thunderbolt, arrow rain – projectile (only if you have a way to reliably cast them).

Forge Materials:

Stats with flat value come from forging materials will added to your base stats and suppressed in sect war. Stats with % value will take effect in battle, calculated on your base stats and added after suppression.

Notable Materials

  • Nian beast core: TD – 100, +5 projectiles for skills that have both base damage <25 and % damage <25% (only work on skill that have % ATK).
  • Legendary feather: TD – 60, all types skill damage – 50.
  • Dragon spirit: ATK – 60, all types skill damage – 50%.
  • King Blood: DEF – 60, HP – 40%.
  • Nian Beast Tail: DODGE – 40%, increase dodge by 999 when taking damage, recover 1% HP on dodge.
  • Elemental spirit: – 1 projectile and 60% elemental damage to the respective element, release a number of elemental swords when a skill of that element is casted.


Stats granted by skills, both flat and %, are unaffected by suppression.

Notable Skills

  • Passive stat boost: Silver star, No blade, Fu sword, Yuan book, Bat book, Wind Erosion, Backstab,…
  • Multi projectiles: Soul sword (Canglan), Taiyi (Heavenly thunder), Fire core (Taoist mastery), Mystic orb (Night wraith), Dong sword (Jiu ge), Nine sword (Sword essence),…
  • AoE elemental skills: Boneyard (Demonic domain), Meteor shower (Elemental codex), Magic array (Heavenly charm), Mount split (Dust sutra), Fu sword (Fu sword)…

Effective Strategies

  • Lock down high level enemies with chilliness. Focus on those with these skills to prevent them from casting: Taiyi, Destroy, Nan Shi, Nine sword, Dong sword, Boneyard, Soul sword.
  • Prioritize crowd control and healing torah for survival. Your revive time will increase with each death and stats will reduce temporarily.
  • Steel dragon from dual resonance book and an upgraded divine beast can stall lower level enemies while you deal with the higher level ones.
  • Multi projectiles skills when combined with true damage will significantly improve damage output at the start of the war.
  • Elemental skills with single projectile but multi hit will also greatly boosted by both elemental spirit projectile and true damage.
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