Teocida – How to Find All Hidden Babies

This tutorial will show you how to find all of Teocida’s hidden babies. While I’ve done my best to keep this guide. I’d advise against using it unless you’re really stuck.

Hidden Babies Guide

Level One, Mentalism

This baby is the easiest to find, with its location being impossible to miss.

Hint: All you need to do for this one is to go from the top path: if you go from the bottom it disappears.

Solution: Do the level as usual putting the first totem on the red blocks and the second under the red button, and when you press the gravity flipping button jump out to the left before the white blocks become solid again, then go and get the baby.

Level Two, Correspondence

This baby is maybe the hardest to find. In the huge room with the pillars that go up and down and kill you on touch, there’s a door close to the bottom-right most corner with no route to it.

Hint: The room doesn’t have a roof.

Solution: Close to the exit of the room is a red multi-jump symbol. Jump as high up as you can with it and drop a totem to reactivate it in mid-air, then continue to jump over the top of the level and to the right. Hold right and you’ll eventually fall down to the secret door. Here is a diagram of exactly what to do:

A little tip: In the room with the baby, pay attention to the picture above it. Maybe take a screenshot, it might come in handy.

Level Three, Vibration

This one isn’t particularly obvious but it was actually the first I found, perhaps due to my ultra gaming instinct. Close to the exit of this room a hole in the floor is covered with red blocks, but there isn’t a button to remove them.

Hint: There’s an area which you’d never go to normally.

Solution: The block above the saws that you’d normally never stand on has an invisible button to remove the red blocks. This button doesn’t actually make the normal effects, but its there. Here is the exact location:

Level Four, Polarity

This baby is also very easy to find, with it visible on the right near the end of a room.

Hint: Remember, walls aren’t necessarily solid.

Solution: The wall on the left of the baby can be passed through. Just walk to the right under the saw and directly to the baby. Here is the exact location:

Level Five, Rhythm

This baby can be found on the room with red waves coming from the ceiling and the floor.

Solution: Head to the right of the room, past the door. Jump and head right to find a platform made of crumbling blocks, which leads to a door that contains the baby.

Level Six, Cause and Effect

The final baby can easily be seen in the room with the false spikes, and all you need to do is use the crumbling blocks as platforms to get there.

Hint: You probably don’t need this hint, but if you’re having trouble you can break the crumbling blocks by moving into them from the sides.

OK I Have All the Babies, Now What?

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the library, you can find it right next to level three. Inside it you can get lore for each baby found.

The observant might notice that there’s an inaccessible area to the very right: double jump while heading right to pass through the wall and get your reward for finding all the babies.

Written by CoopaTroopa

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