The Bloodline – Neteus Stones Guide

A short guide to help you uncover the secrets of these ancient stones!

Guide to Neteus Stones


If you’ve been wandering the fields and forests of Elderheim, you have likely come across large stones stuck in the ground. Not the sort of stones with shiny ores around it, or creepy crevices that hide unknown horrors. But the sort of stones with strange glyphs carved into their surface.

These ancient carvings are called Neteus Stones. They were created by druids long ago, and through care (and a bit of magic) have stood the test of time.

Unfortunately, the Harbinger is unable to interact with these runic stones, or are they?

This guide will delve into a semi-hidden mechanic of The Bloodline, in hopes of teaching you how to empower these ancient stones and reveal their many secrets.

There WILL be spoilers. I will do my best to hide them so that if you wish to witness the secrets yourself, you may do so.

Areas of Interest

While there are many different areas to explore, only a few of them contain these old stones. Some hide incredible secrets, ripe for the taking for an aspiring druid, while others hold their secrets tight and are currently too powerful for our Harbinger to crack.

If you are interested in Neteus Stones, be sure to visit the following areas (in order of importance)

Obtaining the Druid’s Power

First stop on our journey to learn the druids’ power, is Parford Lake. Here’ you’ll learn the power to activate Neteus Stones, and find a couple secrets along the way!

So let’s get started.

Step 1

The moment you enter the area, if you look off to the right, you will see a circle of massive Neteus Stones. If you do not possess the correct abilities, you will be unable to interact with them, so we’ll come back here later!

Step 2

If you continue along the main road that you entered on, you will come across a fork head to the east and west. You’ll want to take the road heading east and follow the lake’s shoreline all the way to a series of large boulders. If you’ve been following the road, there should be a small, yet long hill on your left. Simply climb up top and you will find our next stop! (I hope you brought your bear repellent).

Step 3

Now that you’re on top of the hill, search for a large stone that looks similar to the ones close to the area’s entrance.

In a tiny clearing, there will be a stack of stones, on which will be a book. Interact with the book to learn a special skill: Whisper of the Druids.

Step 4

Now that you’ve learned the druid’s power, you are able to interact with Neteus Stones!

Try using the skill on the nearby Neteus Stone. You might not want to stand too close, or you’ll miss the brilliant display.

If you used the skill correctly, the stone should light up, like below! You should’ve also received a small message on the left side of your screen saying that something nearby has been revealed.

Step 5

With the Neteus Stone active, its secret has been revealed! Try searching under the large stone dolmen nearby.

Now that you have the power to activate Neteus Stones, let’s take a look at where some of the other stones are hidden!

Parford Lake

Remember the three massive stones we saw by the entrance to Parford Lake? Let’s run on back and test our new power on them. If the boulder we just activated revealed such a cool secret, I wonder what such large stones can do.

Try using Whisper of the Druids on each of the three large Neteus Stones. If they don’t light up, try standing back a little bit and try again.

If you successfully activate all three stones, look to the center of the circle, something will appear!

Check out below (spoilers!) if you wish to know now.

Is that… a portal? Indeed it is! Taking a leap of faith inside will transport you across the region, all the way to the Khenmoore Flatlands.

Elderglen Woods

Next up is good ole Elderglen Woods.

Walking straight out of our tent after arriving, we’ll stroll right into a large plain, infested with green slimes. If you ignore (or slaughter) them and keep walking, you should come across a small river that empties into Turtleshell Lake.

Follow the riverside, making sure to not cross it, until you see the Neteus Stone. If you reach the lake without finding it, try following the river the other way.


Using Whisper of the Druids on this stone will activate it, revealing a nearby secret. Old druid magic is constantly changing, so the reward is uncertain, but look around behind you for a book!

Wolfdover Timberland

Wolfdover Timberland is a dense… well… timberland.

Finding the Neteus Stone may prove to be a little tricky here. However, if search for a thick grouping of birch trees while sticking to the main road, you should be able to find it.

If it helps, there should also be a couple bandits nearby, so if you get jumped on your stroll through the woods, you should be close.


Unfortunately, our druid magic looks to not be powerful enough just yet to activate this stone. But the world is constantly changing, so be sure to check back here at some point soon!

Moonhorn Cliffs

Moonhorn Cliffs is a gorgeous mountainside set along the edge of the region.

The Neteus Stone here is also quite tricky to locate for an unseasoned druid. However, if you make your way to the waterfall and lake, look to the right (while looking at the water) and there will be a series of cliffs. Climb up to the first ledge and look around, the Neteus Stone here is rather large, so it’s hard to miss. If you can’t find it, try climbing up to the next ledge and looking around. If this still proves to be difficult, then travel all the way up the the Astral Aerie Observatory (the large stone building) and look down towards the lake.


Unfortunately, our druid magic looks to not be powerful enough just yet to activate this stone. But the world is constantly changing, so be sure to check back here at some point soon!


Thanks for checking out my guide! I hope it was at least slightly helpful.

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