The Braves – Guide for the Starting Hero Liana

Liana Guide

Heroes from The braves fall under four distinctive categories:

  1. Universal heroes.
  2. Specific skill/weapon interacting heroes (fireballs, cursed souls etc.)
  3. Specific damage type interacting heroes (Fire, Water, Spiritual etc.)
  4. Heroes that utilize their own skill/unique playstyle to deal damage (Annette with her spiritual scream for example).

This does not exclude the fact that some heroes can fall under two or more of these categories. Heroes usually have more traits when they are/become legendary quality and above.

Liana falls under 1. Universal heroes. A universal hero is a hero that can have successful runs with any good skill combination. No weapon is by definition bad on them and neither is a certain damage type ineffective on them.


  • Liana is a universal hero, this means the hero falls under the most flexible type of hero in the game. She can start with any good weapon type and snowball out of control, she is not limited to certain skills and can benefit from all passive skills. It makes her a good hero to start the game as you get to try every weapon/skill on her without being severely punished, teaching you what makes a weapon/skill bad and good.
  • Cooldown reduction is the most important stat for scaling DPS and reduce damage intervals, very effective for maps where you get swarmed by monsters. Of course there are diminishing returns as there are in most RPGs, however most games in the genre of the braves split the speed of spells occurring into attackspeed/animationspeed AND cooldown speed, The Braves puts both these features in a single stat which is why it’s so powerful. (I personally value the best stats in this order: Cooldown->Multicast->crit->damage)
  • At epic hero quality she gains 25% to received experience, which drastically reduces the timing for when your build comes online. Also when your skills all reach max level you get to pick healing when leveling up around the 20-25 minute mark, drastically improving your survivabillity (picking gold is kinda a meme)
  • +1 to ressurection, which is a very nice failsafe to fall back on. You simply play less stressed knowing you have an extra life at your disposal, also it gives you the opportunity to play rather greedy by perhaps going for a glass cannon build.


  • Her base damage. Her damage scaling is rather low, 304 damage at level 50. For a hero that does not have a passive where she enhances a skill or a type significantly makes her one of the lowest damage dealing heroes, with a negative passive of -10% damage on top. You will need to invest into a proper gear set to overcome this.
  • Her base HP. Also her own health is only slightly above average with 3040 hp at level 50, her survivability is by no means bad but considering her Atk scaling is rather low it only emphasizes that she needs a proper equipment set to truly shine.
  • At legendary she gets +15% projectile speed, this is a good passive as most skills are projectile based. Then again this passive requires the player to be quite invested into summons and also she will give up some of her universal usage as skills without the use for projectile speed become less relevant (lightning strike, aura, blade whirlwind etc.)

Gameplay Tips

For Liana important to utilize her strengths early. Begin with weapons that offer multiple projectiles and good dps early. These skills are Fireballs, Throwing Disc, Stone Shrapnel and if you can learn to play with it steelfan is also a good option.

Try to pick 2-3 and level them up as high as you can, you can block/ban upgrades of Stone Shrapnel after level 3 if you don’t want to invest more and evolve into Boulder. after the 2nd boss lightning strikes can also be a good investments as it loves cooldown reduction.

If you have Liana at epic leveling skills quickly for quick combo’s/evolves is even more easy and very powerful. I like to stack university record (+% exp) passive on top of it.

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