Top Eleven Be Football Manager – 180 Rule Guide

The 180 rule will help you to know when a training drill stops working well for a player. It’s a signal that marks time to switch to something else.

Guide to 180 Rule

Identify the Target Skills

For example you want to improve a player’s passing, shooting and speed. You will need to use a drill that trains those skills: “pass go and shoot”.

Analyze Skill Components

This drill can help with passing, shooting and speed. Since anticipation is a goalkeeper skill, you need to ignore it.

Calculate Skill Accumulation

Just add up the player’s skills (passing, shooting and speed) before using the drill, 62+55+47 gives you 164 (see the screenshot below).

Apply the Rule

You need to multiply 180 by the number of skills the drill trains (3 in the case). That gives you 540. Then you subtract the total skill points (164) from the 540 and get 376.

Utilize the 15 Divisor

Next, you divide the result (376) by 15 which gives 25.07. This means that the player can be trained up to 25.07% more from his initial quality.

Evaluate Overall Quality

Go back to the player and look at his current quality (before using the drill). It is 36%. Add the 36% to the number you got earlier (25.07).

Determine Training Threshold

This will show you how far you can go with this drill. In this case, it’s 61.07%. So you should stop when the player reaches this level because he will no longer gains skills from that drill (when you reach this point, you move on to the next drill).

Final Adjustment

To keep things simple, you round the number to the nearest whole number. Your target quality becomes 61% while using the “pass go and shoot” drill.

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