The Break-In – Get Rich Quick

How to make good money fast.


  • Step 1. Go to a 7/10 or higher profitable casino map with preferably security at 3/10 or under
  • Step 2. Make sure you have a swag bag and hammer (bring extra stuff if you want it)
  • Step 3. When you start casino map make sure you go to the basement of the casino and at the end of the casino basement should be a vault and a room next to the vault
  • Step 4. In the room next to the vault you have to break the painting and either on the wall behind the painting or on the floor behind the painting is the keycard for the vault next to you.
  • Step 5. After you got the keycard use it on the keycard scanner to the right of the vault with the letter A on it.
  • Step 6. When you open the vault and enter it there should be a shelf with gold bars and you want to put those gold bars in your swag bag.
  • Step 7. Escape after taking out the gold bars in you get away car.
  • Step 8. After escaping you should have gotten around 100k-500k


As long as an item is above the get away car the item will count so you dont have to put everything in the basket or trunk or anything as long as it is inside or above the car which means you can put part of an item on the top of the engine or on the roof and it will count.

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