The First Descendant – Thunder Cage Build

Build Guide to Thunder Cage Weapon

The build works best with an Electric type Descendant as the gun procs on Crits. and Electric attacks. Must have the matching reactor!

Crit is almost DOUBLED and with the electricity it procs guaranteed on every electrical hit. Actual DPS with bunny was closer to 55k (I know it says 14480 but I recorded grave walker and stunning beauty 2 times each and recorded the dps matching the time stamps on the video).

Once you can add slots I recommend adding Vibration Absorbtion to calm the doubled fire rate down and finally adding the electric damage enhancement card.

With a level 40 weapon at scale the DPS should be closer to 500-750k. Good luck on release! hit the weak points, stack electric damage and boost the guns enhanced level to max. as well as the unique ability.

Might be able to achieve 1m+ DPS with full build externals and descendant.

For deeper clarification both bunny and my thunder cage have an energy amplifier to increase slots, and bunny is also currently level 6 after 1 reset from 40 to enhance her mods. I’ll include her build next…

Example of Supporting Electric Type Build

Notice bunny has the electric condense card AND narcissism. sprinting and mana management are massive here. You sprint to get your 3 back faster, using your 1 to keep stragglers off. the thunder cage is also aoe with an insane DPS for single and multi-target builds and AOE if maxed out unique ability.

  • Use the ultimate to take out the stronger enemies like storm troopers on the Kingston defense in the later waves, or the warslaves.
  • Use the 1st ability to remove the 3 orbs on the mini bosses and it will remove their damage immunity immediately.

Add Increased shield and defense after Resocketing her 3 times.

And you’ll max her weapon, abilities, recharge, and everything. You’ll be untouchable in almost every setting minus bosses with heavy electric resistance obviously.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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