The First Descendant – How to Defeat Hanged Man (Normal Guide)

Hanged Man Boss Fight

Fight Loop

Down below there is a statue with 3 tubes in the middle of the arena below the boss. Once the tube is full it fires a Team Wipe Mechanic. A Runner (normally a tank) will steal the cube periodically while the 3 DPS mow him down!

When the cube is stolen he will enter enrage mode (invincible). The players must stagger him by shooting the orb in his mouth then return the cube to the statue to stop his enrage mode. Mow him down and repeat the process.

Fast Summary

  • 3 DPS
  • 1 Runner

Do insane dmg to boss before 8 minute mark. Runner picks up middle cube around 8:10 or so (bunny recommended because big zoom).

Boss goes Enrage-mode (invincible).

  • 3 DPS gotta focus it’s mouth when it’s about to blast and stagger it, 2-3 times.

Runner places cube back in mid (runner will have to see if tubes in mid is nearing 100% again and grab ball again if so).

Rotate as many times as needed, but don’t let the middle tubes fill up then it’s 1 shot mechanic.

  • Or get 3 gigachads with tamers and just nuke him.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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