The House of Da Vinci 3 – Complete Diary Guide

This guide is not a walkthrough. This guide is based on the game’s diary files.

Everything You Need to Complete Your Diary

All credit goes to scassy!


I encourage people to play the game at least once before you read this guide. In that way, this guide (hopefully) will make more sense.

I opened up the game files and have the full list of what your diary needs to have in order to complete several achievements. I have added the actual game file name for each Diary entry, and they’re in parentheses. You’ll receive the majority of your diary entries automatically, like at the start of a chapter. However, there’s a couple of your sketches that require you look at several things, like in the laboratory in Borgia’s House for example. There’s also a few letters that are easy to miss.


  • Pick up the Diary (TakeDiary).
  • Pick up the letter under the Diary (Letter1_Table).
  • Pick up the repaired oculus after you fixed it (PickedRepairedOculus).
  • At the stairs, pick up the book “Chronicle of Ordo Iustitialis” (PickedKromika) and then bend down and pick up the letter (Letter2_DropFromKronik).
  • Go upstairs and towards the podium. Open the podium’s door and pick up the letter and knife (Letter3_FromLeo).

Your Diary’s pages should be full and a total of 3 letters.

Villa of Luca Pacioli

  • Diary is updated at the start of the chapter (ArrivalToChapter).
  • After lighting the dragon and go upstairs, enter the empty house on the left and Diary is updated (EmptyHouse).
  • After putting that book on the table, pick up the letter on the left of that table (Letter1_Vaha) and your Diary is updated.
  • Leave the house and open the workshop. Go inside the workshop. Immediately to your right close to the door you can find a letter (you can also pick this up later) (Letter4_WorkShopStorage).
  • In the middle of the room, go towards the table and you pick up the letter on top of books (Letter3_WorkshopBook) and your Diary is updated.
  • After you find the belfry/bell model, place it on the table, zoom in and pick up the bell and your Diary will add a sketch of that belfry (HintPicture_UnderBell).
  • As soon as look at the compass between those two drawers, your Diary will update with a sketch (HintPicture_Kompas).
  • Back outside, after you place the lion and open up the stairs, go up. Right before crossing the bridge, look left and pick up the letter (Letter2_Kusa).
  • I then crossed the bridge, went upstairs, and tried to raise the gate but the gate is stuck. Go all the way down and go to that gate outside. Your Diary will add sketch, and on that sketch you should have an arrow pointing up (HintPicture_ScrewGate (Note: you can get this sketch earlier or later, but just make sure those arrows are pointing up)).
  • Go back to upstairs, cross the bridge, and go back in time. Your Diary will update (PastMill).
  • After shooting all targets and cross over that bridge, unlock the door and go inside. Pick up the letter (Letter5_WindMill).
  • Close towards the end of the game, when you put water in a box to move the bridge so you can go to the vane, make sure to pick up the letter and the chalice (Letter6_Vane).

Before you place the chalice and pick up the book, make sure all Diary pages are full and you found 6 letters.

The Bald Lady

  • At the start of chapter and before you move, your Diary updates (ArrivalToChapter).
  • You should immediately look left and up and zoom in on the painting on the wall of “Signora Calca”. Your Diary does not update now, but when you enter the Inn, your Diary gets updated with a sketch of the man that opens the door. The picture of “Signora Calca” is actually added to that sketch, and this is in the game files (BaldLadyDiscoverd). Your Diary will update when you actually enter the Inn, but you have to look at that picture outside BEFORE you enter the Inn.
  • After you crawl up the chimney and enter Borgia’s House, your Diary is updated. (CrawlIntoBorgiaHouse). Note the sketch in your Diary right now. The sketch of this wall in front of you will be updated later.
  • Go left and move the picture and pick up letter (Letter1_BehindPainting).
  • As soon as you burn down the wall and see X’s, those X’s will be added to your sketch in your Diary (MapBurned).
  • Use the Tool with rotary handle to unlock the gun and rotate it. Diary sketch is updated (GunLocked).
  • After finding the card downstairs, use the machine to punch holes in the same way your sketch shows. This is added to your sketch but your Diary doesn’t look updated yet (GunArrowForCard).
  • Load up the gun with ammo and your Diary is updated (GunArrowForAmmo).
  • Enter the laboratory and Diary is updated (FirstTimeInLaboratory).
  • If you look at the board to your right, your Diary will add a sketch. However, this sketch isn’t complete yet. Just note that the board in your Diary is missing some numbers and a machine (I’ll mention how to find these).
  • Go upstairs, and Diary is updated with a note and sketch (SurrvivedTrapInAttic).
  • Go to the sealed chamber, and your Diary is updated (FirstZoomToGloveBox).
  • Pick up the letter (Letter3_Pexeso).
  • Pick up key in resin and Diary is updated (PickSealedKey).
  • Go downstairs and place the key in resin in the chamber and your Diary is updated (PutSealedKeyIntoChamber).
  • Go back to the previous room, place the switch on the gun’s machine, and make the Flacon with gunpowder, and your Diary is updated (GunArrowForCalculator).
  • As soon as you put the gunpowder in the machine (and after you fixed the filter), the machine will automatically open a new drawer. Use that drawer to filter your charcoal. After you pick up the charcoal, make sure to zoom into this machine again. Your Diary should update the sketch you have on that board, and your sketch should now have both the machine and the numbers 3:1:5 (LookedAtPowderRatio and ZoomToBoardWithRecipe) that you didn’t have earlier.
  • Use the weight to open a drawer and pick up letter (Letter2_Chifonier1).
  • Use the weight to open anther drawer to find a crumpled up letter (Letter4_Chifonier2).
  • After you melt the resin and pick up the key, go upstairs and use the key. You’ll be in a trap, and your Diary will update (AfterCaughtInTrap).

At this point, your Diary should be full and have 4 letters.

Pope’s Chambers

  • You’ll notice your Diary is updated while you’re travelling and now have some blank pages.
  • After the cut scene and you’re left alone in Pope’s room, your Diary is updated (AfterFirstCutScene).
  • As soon as you enter the next room after unlocking the door, your Diary is updated (InCheckerRoom).
  • Note: In this room, make sure to zoom in on the tiles on the floor that have “C3” and “F3” on them. Your Diary won’t be updated yet, but “C3” and “F3” are added on the sketch you take when you go upstairs and look over the balcony. These are listed on the game files (Saw_C6 and Saw_F6).
  • In the checkered room, pick up the letter and horse’s head from the table’s drawer (Letter1_FromDrawer).
  • Go upstairs and Diary is updated (FistTimeUpstiars).
  • Your Diary suggests you go to the balcony and look. Your Diary adds a sketch of the floor in the checkered room. If that sketch doesn’t have “F3” and C3” on them, go back down and find these on the tiles on the floor and zoom in to get a full sketch (BalconyView).
  • Enter the secret chamber and your Diary is updated (SecretChamberFirstTime).
  • Pick up a letter and a key (Letter2_SecretChamber).
  • Place the Medallion of dawn and Diary updates (D_PlaceMedal1).
  • Place the Medallion of noon and Diary updates (D_PlaceMedal2).
  • Pick up the stone bowl and automatically get two letters (Letter3And4_ForcePickBeforeItem).
  • Place Medallion of Dusk and Diary updates (D_PlaceMedal3).

Before you pick up the medallion, your Diary should have one full blank page and have 4 letters. Once you pick up the medallion, you’ll notice your Diary is updated while you’re traveling to the next location.

Villa of Luca Pacioli

  • Your Diary is updated after the cut scene (AfterCutScene).

Secret Passage

  • Your Diary is updated after the cut scene (AfterFirstCutScene).
  • Once you open the tunnel, your Diary is updated (OpenedTunnel).
  • Enter the tunnel and your Diary is updated (EnteredTunnel).
  • Once in the tunnel, if you turn around and go behind you, you’ll see a skeleton on the ground. Pick up the letter and dagger now, or you can get it later since you’ll need to return here anyway (Letter1_Skeleton).
  • If you go towards the end of the tunnel and go down the stairs, your Diary will update (DiscoverHolePump).
  • After you enter the new area with all the bricks and rail tracks, your Diary will update (EnterSecondPart).
  • From where you started in this area, you can’t see a letter, so go to the right and near the work bench. You’ll find the letter on top of a pile of bricks (Letter2_WorkBench).
  • Go back in time, and you’re Diary is updated (FirstTimeInPast).
  • After Leonardo somewhat fixes the elevator but still needs some oil, your Diary is updated (ElevatorAlmostRepair).

Your Diary pages should be full and have 2 letters.

Castle de Monte

  • At the start of the chapter, your Diary is updated (AfterFirstCutScene).
  • Giant note: In the next room where you and Leonardo talk about the time machine being in the courtyard, I couldn’t get my Diary to update, but zoom in on the gate, and you can try using your oculus. The game recognized I looked at the gate since I received the achievement, so there may be a bug in the Diary itself because the game file has this as something you need to have to complete your Diary (AfterNoticingGate).
  • Give Leonardo a key. You’re automatically back in Fridrich’s room. Your Diary gets updated (Note: Leonardo gives you one letter, you need to find three more) (AfterLeonardoLeavesToRoof).
  • The sketch of Fridrich in your Diary isn’t complete, so make sure to zoom into the giant painting of Fridrich. Your Diary should update that sketch with Fridrich’s life and and death (AfterReEnteringFridrichsRoom).
  • As soon as the table with the Astrology puzzle comes down, make sure to pick up the letter BEFORE you finish the puzzle. Finishing the puzzle makes the table go up again and you can’t get the letter (Letter2_Astro).
  • Also, you may have noticed that on the table in the middle of the room, a note under the castle has appeared. You should zoom into that note now, because once you unlock the puzzle on that table, that note moves to a different note and you’ll miss the opportunity of getting this on your Diary (BlueHint1).
  • Move the painting of Fridrich and Diary is updated (MovedFridrichsPicture).
  • Finish the castle puzzle. Right before you pick up the book ‘Liber Augustalis”, zoom in on that note under the castle again. Your Diary is updated (BlueHint2).
  • After placing the ladder under the bookcase, climb up and your Diary gets updated (NoticedMsgUnderWindow).
  • Climb out that window and Diary is updated (AfterGettingOutOfWindow).
  • To jump off the roof, you have to go back in time. You’ll automatically jump down and Diary is updated (MovedToPastOnOchoz).
  • While you’re still in the past, enter the room. Look at the soldiers that are frozen in time and the broken table. Zoom into that table and pick up letter (Letter3_Brotherhood).
  • Enter the casino and Diary is updated (EnteredCasino).
  • Enter the laboratory and Diary is updated (EnteredLaboratory).
  • On the table, pick up the last letter. This is when I received the “Archivist” achievement (Letter4_Laboratory).
  • On the same table, pull to start the sifter. Diary is updated (SifterStarted).
  • After you light the boilers close to the end of the chapter, your Diary is updated.
  • Your Diary is also updated at the start of the final chapter.

As soon as the final chapter is started, I received “Seeker of Mysteries”, “Artist”, Writer”, and “The One With All”. These are how I found all Diary related game files.

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  1. My goodness, what a chore this was. Such excellent detail that you made me decide to replay using your guide and watch as my diary fills up with all the details I missed before. Thank you

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