The Hunted – Tips for Multiplayer

This game uses Unity Relay as it’s Multiplayer solution, so anyone can host an online game with a click of a button. Here’s how you can get started…

Multiplayer Tips


To host a game, simply navigate to “Mutliplayer” then “Host” from the main menu. You will be met with a startup screen. Press “Show Code” to reveal the join code of your game, then share this code with your friends (An online session requires at least one player other than the host to start).


To join a game, navigate to “Multiplayer” then “Join” and type in the join code given to you. Once everyone is in the game, you must all type in a name (Minimum of 3 characters, maximum of 20). Then, eveyone must press “Ready”. Once everyone is ready, a “Start” button will appear for the host, once pressed, the game will begin.


It is recomended that the player to host the game has the best/fastest internet connection, and the best frame rate, as both these things effect latency for other players. Also be aware that when a host starts a game, the server region will automatically be selected based on the host’s location.

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