The Jackbox Party Pack 9 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide explain how to unlock all 20 achievements in The Jackbox Party Pack 9 game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Fibbage 4

The number in parenthesis before an achievement’s name is the minimum number of players+audience needed to earn it.

(2) Film Buff

  • Write out an answer that is true, during a movie round (Cookie’s VHS Vault). This should show up at the end of round 1. You can find a list of movie questions + answers at: program files (x86) / steam / steamapps / common / jackbox 9 / games / fibbage4 / content / en / movieblankie.jet

(5) Crowdsourced

  • Have at least 3 audience members, and have the audience get a maximum score, which is Rank 1. This is basically impossible in a real game; you need all audience members to pick the same lie every question, have every player pick that lie every question, and have all audience members vote for the true answer to every question. Easy enough to do playing by yourself, though. I recommend having 3 real players, because then you won’t get any of Jackbox’s fake truths, making it very easy to find the correct truth answer.

(2) Swiss Army Lie

  • Have your lie get picked for both spots in the final round. Can be the audience’s lie as well, so you can get this combined with Crowdsourced.

(3) The Secret’s Out

  • Have your answer be “Pooping my pants” during the Enough About You version of Fibbage 4, and have at least 1 person vote for it. Will award immediately after the question ends. 3 players minimum in this version of Fibbage.


(4) We Were All Rooting for You

  • Trigger a Double Elimination. I… don’t actually know how this happened; I had 2 players eliminated in the same round, but they had different # of votes (2 vs 1), and when I had a round where 2 players had the same # of votes (2 vs 2), the game just randomly picked one to eliminate instead.

(4) Catfished

  • Get every vote during the Quickie Round. Have all players vote for your answer during the Quickie Round.

(4) I Made it Nice

  • Play 3 games in a row with the same players. Finish a game and click on “Same Players”. Finish that game and click on “Same Players”. Will award at the start of the 3rd game; you don’t need to play or finish it.

(4) I’m Not a Goat

  • Win the game without winning a challenge or being eliminated. This isn’t too hard, and can be done with 4. Always have 3 people pick 1 choice, and that choice pick the person you want to win. Pick the person with the least points each round as that round’s winner. Always have the person you want to win pick the person who gets eliminated. And in the rounds involving another player, make sure the person who gets the 3 votes for that round is talking about the person you want to win. That should get the person you want to win enough total votes, without ever winning a challenge or being eliminated. Should be easier with the more players you play with, as you can spread votes out more across all your other.


(3) Shrewd Businessfrog

  • Successfully haggle the price of an item. Select an item, checkout, then click Haggle, select the price you want. Seems like a 50% chance, at least, that it’ll be successful. If you don’t get it, just keep hanggling every time, you’ll get it quickly enough.

(3) Extrovert

  • Present your items yourself. At the start of the game, select Manually Present as player 1. Complete the game. I also had all players present manually each round as well, but unsure if this is required.

(5) One Frog’s Trash

  • Get at least 4 votes with a mystery item. In round 2, select the mystery item for at least 1 player. Then have all players vote for this option. With 5 players, this gets you 8 votes. It’s probably doable with 4 players, but I only played games with 3 and 5 players, so can’t 100% confirm.

(4) Crowd Sorcery

  • Have the audience cast a spell. During the naming/description portions of rounds, the audience has the ability to make selections. Make a selection during round 1 and 2 to complete and cast a spell.


I had a consistent bug with this game, where it would not update to a new question for a specific player if you didn’t leave their tab visible to flip over to the “confidence” screen. So make sure you wait an extra few seconds on each tab when inputting your answers before flipping to the next.

(3) Gas Leak

  • Go 25 rounds without a fart. Play a bunch of games in a row while playing well. I don’t know what results in a “fart”, but there are 4 rounds per game, and it started at 8 for me… so you’ll need to play 4 full games + 1 round without a “fart”. Just answer everything correctly and you’ll be fine.

(3) Circuit Breaker

  • Every player got a question correct. Have all players select the same as what the question answerer picked. Can even earn this from the pre-game tutorial question.

(3) The Confidence of Youth

  • Use confidence on every question in a single round. After selecting your answer, then it’ll switch view and you can click and hold to make your answer “confident”… do this for all questions in a round. Audience can’t do this.

(4) Smart Cookie

  • Have the audience earn the highest rank. Get every question exact as the audience, which is a score of 15000 when having 3 players.


I recommend going into Settings and changing drop speed to 4, this’ll give you more time (if needed)

You can view text files of all the answers in: program files (x86) / steam / steamapps / common / jackbox 9 / games / lineup / content / en. Open up LineupLongSequence.jet and LineupShortSequence.jet in Notepad… both are plain-text files. Use Ctrl+F to search and find the question and answers in the files. Voila, super simple!

(2) Show-off

  • Get a perfect sort on the first try in the final round. You need to correctly place all 9 answers AND correctly trash all 3 incorrect answers. Can be done at the same time as Employee of the Month.

(1) Human or Machine

  • Make it through 10 rounds in Quixort Forever mode. Load up Forever, and survive for 10 rounds.

(2) Employee of the Month

  • Get a perfect score in Normal mode. You must get all 9 sorted correctly in each of the 3 rounds. You will get Show-Off automatically when you earn this.

(1) Falling Fast

  • Beat the Jackbox time in Classic or Forever mode. You can turn on speedrun mode via Settings, to get an on-screen timer. You need to get under 2 minutes! 2:00.85 did not award, but 1:56.61 did award. Go into Settings and disable the tutorial. Also set block speed to 1. Play a round of Forever; this won’t be fast enough due to additional voice over dialogue. Then play again, same players. Lose as fast as possible. Mash that SLAM button!
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  1. Any chance someone can provide quixort answer list ? I don’t have the steam version of the game and it’s hard as hell !

  2. For the falling fast achievement you need to play one game of forever mode before your actual attempt because you can’t do it on a the first game because of the forever mode explanation

    • that is what I did… got 2:16 on 1st try, 2:05 on 2nd try because of what you’re saying. Were you able to go faster? If so, what time did you get / need for earning the achievement?

    • Ok, changed setting from 4 speed to 1 speed and that saved 7 seconds, getting the achievement in 1:56. Cheers.

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