Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip – Stats Guide


Specifically how to tell what kinda stat you’ll be gaining or losing from an event. So while playing the game you need to memorize your road signs. After all safe driving is very important, especially when you have upwards of 6 people in a car. Every event usually comes with two roadsigns. A Choice sign, and a Stat sign.

Choice signs come in two varieties the yellow diamond, and the blue rectangle. Yellow diamonds show that you’ll be choosing which stat is gained or lost. Blue Rectangles show that all the choices effect the same stats, the choice instead being how large of an effect you want. Stat signs are always circular, and show whether that stat is gained or lost. They each have visual distinctions between the two. All gain signs, will be very brightly colored. All lost signs will be dimmer, and have a sad expression of some sort. Each Stat also has colors associated with them.

They are as follows:

Hype (Blue): Gain (Big Smile with Starry Eyes) / Lose (Bored Half Asleep Face)

Associated with excitement and good vibes. Why have a Roadtrip if you ain’t gonna enjoy it. Choices that increase hype would be things that are fun, silly, or just plain insane. Anything associated with Drugs, Booze, Prankz, and Play will most likely increase hype. You lose hype by doing things that are boring and sensible, though that needn’t be the same thing. Competitive Secret Santa is certainly not sensible, but it would be very boring to watch. If two choices have varying levels of insanity, than the one that is crazier has a good chance of being the Hype choice.

Magic (Pink): Gain (Confident Smile with Gas Canister) / Lose (Scared Face with Empty Gas Canister)

Associated with the ability to both use magic, and actually drive your Car. Every car needs gas, and every roadtrip needs a car. Keep your cars fed to keep the party going. Choices that increase magic would be gas refueling, Faustian bargains, and interacting with beings far more powerful than you. You lose magic by using it, summoning circles, magic attacks, banishments, all of these and more can cause you to burn your fuel. If a choice has anything to do with outside forces interacting with you through hypnosis, spells, and other odd powers. That choice will probably increase magic.

Mind (Purple): Gain (Satisfied Smile) / Lose (Gormless Drooling Dead Eyed Stare)

Associated with planning, intelligence, art, and sensibility. Often at odds with Hype, though not always Mind is the stat that represents your ability to stay safe and plan ahead. If a choice is the more boring of the two, there is a good chance that mind will increase. Though if you expect Magic to increase, Mind will likely go down, as the mind is the favorite meal of the eldritch beings. If it has to do with art and performance, in a non silly way mind will likely increase. If it is silly, most likely Hype will increase as that is a playful activity.

Money (Green): Gain (Dollar-sign eyes with a big smile) / Lose (Dollar-sign eyes with a small frown)

Associated with Capitalism, the exchange of goods and services, debt, and betrayal. Everyone loves a gift shop, best keep your money with you so you can enjoy them. Money will usually increase through situations where you trick someone else to giving you money, (as how most capitalists do), though sometimes you are paid for honest labor. You lose money by spending it, whether refueling gas, buying souvenirs, or using expensive items your money is a gate way to these events.

Soul (Yellow): Gain (Angel) / Lose (Devil)

Associated with Morality, Good Deeds, Evil Deeds, Helping Others, or Deceiving them for your own gain. Soul is an easy stat to spot because it simply boils down to whether you are doing something surprisingly nice for something else, or actively preying on another naivety. As such Soul is tied to a lot of other stats. Gaining Hype and Money, can easily lose soul, due to Prankz, and Capatalism. Gaining Soul can usually end up losing Hype as doing good usually is far more boring than being a Chaos Gremlin. Make sure to keep a balance, because this is a game that rewards the wild, not the good.

Stamina (Red): Gain (A content face eating) / Lose (A starved face)

Associated with food, snacks, physical endurance, and excersize. Another easy one to sus out, as you usually gain stamina through eating. Choose the Spaghetti Wig, gain stamina. Mukbang, gain stamina. You lose stamina through strenuous activity. Weather that be running, working long hours, or committing the devils tango you will lose stamina. Anything 18+ in nature, will usually end up losing stamina.

Written by billyvmckenzie


  1. Just letting you know that I chose the 44 of Clubs in my first casino event and failed it. Is it possible that the casino works like the previous games and checks your stats for the correct choice? Otherwise it might just be random.

    • You know I was worried about that, so I will tell you, I have no clue, if it’s random, I got really lucky, if it is stat based, I don’t know which stats it would use for each.

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