The King of Fighters XV – Assign Spacebar / Arrow Keys for Keyboard

This guide will instruct you on how to use Spacebar / Arrow keys in KOF XV by using a program called UCR (Autohotkey).

All credit goes to Moku !

Universal Control Remapper is a program which allows you to assign keys on your keyboard as other keys. (Refer to Example at end of guide).

  • Link from Autohotkey forum – Download.

Once you’re on the site scroll down and click on “Download Link”

If you are unable to download the file try downloading it through a different browser like Edge since Chrome might not let you download it.

Assigning Controls in UCR

First of all launch the UCR.exe file which will open the following window:

Once this window has opened go to Plugin Selection: and select Remapper (Button to Button).

After you’ve done that click on Add and we’ll reassign a keyboard button press to function as a different button.

Give your button reassignment a name and click OK

Now all that is left to do is to assign keys in this window that popped up:

  • Input Key = Trigger button you want to use ingame.
  • Output Key = Button which will be registered when input key is pressed.

In addition it is possible set BLOCK for the input key which will make it so when the input button is pressed only the Output button will be registered and this will prevent double inputs which might bring up menus ingame (Spacebar).


I personally like using spacebar for Jump / Up instead of W which is a key currently reserved ingame for menu so I used the following settings in UCR.

Spacebar as W (Ignore spacebar press with “Block setting”)

W as Spacebar (Ignore W press with “Block setting”)

Which effectively switches both keys and allows me to use W for menu and Spacebar as my Jump / Up key ingame.

You can apply the same method for any other key on your keyboard you want to use as (Input key) just make sure that the key you set as (Output Key) in the program is also assigned ingame to its desired function.

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