The Magical Mixture Mill – Speedy Midgame Potions Guide

I got tired of slow potions and not having enough space, hope this helps.

Guide to Speedy Midgame Potions

The Cluster

This is a space efficient early-mid game build and maybe a bit difficult to use at first, but figured I’d share it anyway. You can build this once you unlock the sorter crate. You can opt to not use filters and make one potion in bulk, or use the filters on the sorters to make up to 3 different potions simultaneously.

Run a couple extractors directly into each distiller, ingredients go in the crates at each corner of the 5×5.
The bottlers are also fed directly from the distillers, and bottles go in the crates of the inner 3×3.
Run it all into a chest and you have yourself a mass potion station.

There are a few caveats to look out for with this build:

  • If you feed the same ingredient from a sorter into two extractors you may have one extract leftover in two distillers. Keep an eye out for the cancel icon over a distiller when all the ingredients have run through. From top to bottom in the distiller UI is the left extract then right extract, so I just pop an ingredient in the missing extractor to clear it out… and remember if you used an unstable ingredient.
  • To access the rear distiller you need to move the output chest to reach it if it is built against a wall like I did.
  • If you want to make fancy bottles there isn’t really space to automate it for the rear sorter chest.
Written by FixItKleb

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