The Maiden, the Butler, and the Witch – How to Beat the First Boss

Tips on how to defeat the slime boss at the start of the game.

Guide to Beat the First Boss

Intro and Notice

When you fight the slime boss in the beginning of the game, you may think this is one of those forced loss fights. However it is actually possible to win this fight even on your first play through. This will require a little grinding and some luck though.

For reference, I beat it at level 3 and got lucky enough to not even need to use items.

Now lets get one thing out of the way first. If your hoping beating this boss will let you continue your journey without the butler, it does NOT. He joins regardless if you win or lose. The game still counts this as a loss even if you win sadly. So the slime has “fun time” with Irina even if you win.

Your reward for winning is 10,000 exp, 20,000G and a weapon that will carry you through out the whole game. This is a huge boost and will make Irina overpowered especially at the start of the game.

If you’d rather not have the game be too easy going forward, I’d advise just losing on purpose, but if you do want a big boost or maybe its just personal, then read on.


First you’ll want to grab all the items you can find.

At your home there is a pot next to the stove which will have a random item. There is another pot outside on the side of the house in the back also containing a random item.

In the woods you’ll find wood chests containing more random items. and a blue chest containing a Earring Charm.

For all the random chests your hoping for Potions or High Potions. Magic Water cannot be used in battle so it won’t help you in this instance. The rest of the items you can find are also not helpful right now. If you don’t get any potions at all don’t worry you can grind Shroom Flickers in the woods for some, or restart the game if you want to try again on drops.

The charm gives you more defenses then the Butler Amulet you were given earlier, but won’t protect you from harassment attacks which drain your MP. However harassment attacks also don’t deal any HP damage. I’d recommend using the charm, the extra defense is more useful and your not playing this game to not see the harassment scenes anyway.

There will be a magic circle near the boss which will restore your HP and MP and can be used as much as you like. Use your bug magic to beat the enemies quickly. You can restore your HP and MP before the boss so no reason not to go all out. The Shroom Flickers drop Potions 1/20 of the time. Hope you get lucky to snag at least 1. If your clothes get torn during grinding you can return to the house and talk to the butler to get them repaired.

As for what level you should be, I recommend at least Level 3. Re enter the woods to get the enemies to respawn.

Fighting the Slime

Don’t bother using your magic on it. The slime has 999 magic defense so magic is useless against it.

You’ll have to use your knife. This does little damage but is the only way of doing damage. You’ll out speed the boss so don’t worry about it going first. Keep yourself healed as necessary, a good buffer is 100+ HP. If you have less then that its time to heal. Use the healing spell to heal yourself and use potions when you run out of MP. If your not using the charm here you may want to heal at 110 HP instead when your clothes take too much damage, as your defenses do drop the more your clothes tear.

Every 5 turns the slime will do a very scary attack that goes first and will send your HP to very low numbers. Don’t panic though, this attack can not KO you on its own. Don’t panic and over heal! Just heal once and continue the fight as normal.

This fight is a long one. The Slime has 2,000 HP and your attacks will usually only hit in the 30s.

Hope for some lucky crits and evades and you’ll get through this.

Good luck to you and I hope this guide helped!

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