Honkai: Star Rail – Break & DoT Damage Calculator!

Break & DoT Damage Calculator

Hey, Guoba here with another open Calculator I made upon a personal request, and I’ve decided to make it public. It’s a much friendlier and intuitive design that requires less moving about and uses the proper formulas and changes that we have found on Toughness.

Make a Copy!

Here is a link, I’ve included the first sheet with all the input you need, no annoying formulas to look at. I’ve linked the amazing KQM enemy database site to find Enemy RES, HP per level, and Toughness.

So it’ll fill cells green when you don’t need an input/have entered an input.

You input your ElementLevel, Break Effect Stat, Enemy level, Enemy Max ToughnessHow To Use sheet can tell you where to find them if you don’t know.

The Total DoT DMG will calculate the toughness broken part by itself, but if you want to see one turn of DoT DMG when enemy has no toughness versus when they do, you can check the box. One turn DoTs will always count during toughness broken turns, so check it for Ice and Quantum DoTs. Maybe it’ll change in the future though if we can add turns to weakness break DoTs.

Boss/Elite versus Normal can be checked on wiki and it’s pretty self-explanatory, and only needed for Wind and Physical DoT calculations.

Enemy Max Health is only needed for Physical DoT Calculations.

Vulnerability, RES, RES PEN, DEF% are all extra modifiers you can add, and you can find them on the enemy debuffs panel (z menu) or for RES on the enemy info that I linked, if you’re attacking to weakness break they’ll have 0 RES anyway, since if they’re weak to your element they have 0% RES to it. RES *** ** indicated in character kits/buffs.

Images and explanations can also be found on the second sheet ‘How to Use’

When everything is ready you’ll get: Break DMG, DoT DMG (1 turn), Total DoT DMG (1-2 turns, counts stacks), and any Quantum/Imaginary bonus delay, as it scales on your Break Effect Stat.

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