The Past Within – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Here is 100% achievement guide for the Past Within game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

The Past – Chapter 1

1 – Behind the mask (Unmissable)

  • Put on the mask when you get it.

2 – Bone, Flesh and Blood (Unmissable)

  • Place the bone, flesh and blood into the machine.

3 – The Past has changed (Unmissable)

  • Beat chapter 1

4 – Catch me if you can

  • Click on the critter inside the critter picture.
  • Then click on the rose multiple times to make the critter fly away.
  • After the vase breaks, the critter will be on the lantern at the mirror.

5 – You know what to do

  • After looking at the picture of the crow and clicking on it, look at yourself in the mirror.

6 – The Devil

  • After corrupting Albert’s corpse, check in the grave for the tarot card.

The Past – Chapter 2

7 – Ear on the inside (Unmissable)

  • Send the flesh to the future.

8 – Dead eye (Unmissable)

  • Stab the voodoo doll with the needle.

9 – Rooted in The Past (Unmissable)

  • Beat chapter 2.

10 – Breaking in

  • Trap the critter inside the hidden compartment of one of the gears.

11 – Victor

  • Keep clicking the keys on the piano.

12 – Hidden treasure

  • Put in the gems without any false placements.

The Future – Chapter 1

1 – Who is that? (Unmissable)

  • Finish the lens puzzle and look through to see young Rose and keep clicking on her.

2 – The year of The Future (Unmissable)

  • Correctly enter the year of the future inside the terminal.

3 – The Future is ever changing (Unmissable)

  • Beat chapter 2.

4 – Checkmate

  • Finish the chess puzzle without making a false move.

5 – A tooth for a tooth

  • Finish the teeth puzzle only after having hit the next tooth after the other player obtains bone.

6 – Squeak

  • Click on the mouse whenever you see it.

The Future – Chapter 2

7 – All ears (Unmissable)

  • Get the ear inside the room.

8 – There will be blood (Unmissable)

  • Resurrect Albert with bone, flesh and blood.

9 – Branching out (Unmissable)

  • Beat chapter 2.

10 – Frankenstein

  • When doing the flesh puzzle with the poison, water and coffee, do not mess up.

11 – No way out

  • Repeatedly click on the mouse running around.

12 – Harvey’s Song

  • Play Harvey’s Song on the radio (about 97.0, very precise) then look at the mirror.


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