The Planet Crafter: Prologue – World Map

I don’t claim any sort of graphical talent whatsoever (and it shows) but I made this World Map all the same.

Map of the World


This map is horrific, I know it, you know it, we all it, but hopefully it’s less horrific than having to repeatedly describe to new people where everything is located.

All jokes aside, I do hope people find the map useful.

In regards to the Golden Treasure Chests, please use this guide in conjunction with the World Map further below.

The World Map

Behold! The World Map, in all it’s horrifying glory.

Written by Farsight


  1. i have been all over this place then looked at your map and was like wait where iam i 🙂 loving the game can’t wait to see it take off

  2. I think north on this map is actually east if you use the compass. there is a uranium cave to the right of the broken spires on your map, or south using the compass. There is a small path in the rocks leading to a larger area

  3. C2 is the only one of the Osmium caves is looks like I hadn’t found already; once I took another trip through the stormwall to look I was astounded how it kinda pops out of nowhere

  4. Use T2 Drill in the Osmium cave can extract Osmium, but Uranium is no go.
    you can only using rocket to get Uranium.

  5. I love the old world map. Most informative. The guide itself is exceptional. As are the other guides you’ve linked. It’s become very helpful for me in my quest for everything. Out of curiosity, after believing you’ve cleared a crash, have you ever gone back and found stuff replenished? I found packs of seeds on several shelves in the Cruiser after having cleared it completely of everything and left it unattended for several days in game. The shelves had been empty when I was there the first time I scoured it. Because of that I revisited the Freighter and the Battleship, and found crates had been respawned in a few places. A few were empty crates, but a few had stuff in them. It made me wonder if this was common or just a freak incidence.

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