The Tale of Bistun – Enemies Tier List

Here is a list of different enemies in ToB and some tips about each one.

Guide to Enemies Tier List


These are the most common enemies in ToB, and the easiest to fight. They have one simple attack which does a bit of damage, but beware of them when they swarm you, they can do a lot of damage in group.

Your Area of Effect attacks would clear them off pretty easily.


These enemies are ranged that throw rock projectiles that are fairly easy to dodge. If you get close, they pull out their daggers and can melee attack too.

They have one simple dash to get away from you, so you can roll into them and finish them off easily.


These magical creatures throw chasing orbs at you which you have to kite until they disappear or hit another object and explode. I would prioritize killing these enemies first as their orbs can get annoying in crowded fights.


These tough shielded enemies have a longer melee range due to their spears, so either stay away from their attacking range, or go full nuke their shield and then finish them off.

Soldiers without their shields are pretty easy to kill.

Guardian Deev

These huge armored Deevs are the most overpowered enemies in ToB. They have 3 melee attacks which are devastating, look out for those animations and as soon as he tries to attack, dodge out or roll behind him and start attacking.

Only one of his attacks is double attacks, so do not engage him head-on when he is double attacking.

They are slow, so you should be able to get in, do some damage and get out of his attack range.

Bistun Deev (Boss Fight)

Bistun Deev is a mountain-like creature and a guardian between The Ordinary World and The Revelations Realm.

Bistun hates the so und of the bells, and that’s the weakness that helps Farhad to defeat it during the boss fight.

The player will fight with Bistun twice. One is in chapter 6 when Anahita sacrifices herself to rescue Farhad and Shirin. The second one is in chapter 7, when the player defeats Bistun with the mighty sledgehammer.

Tactics: This bossfights consists of 3 repeating rounds, And he has two main phases in each round.

In Phase 1 he either attacks left or right side of the platform, or sweeps through it after the second round. Just stay on the outer edge of the platform to dodge these attacks easily.

In Phase 2 he summons different adds which tend to get more powerful after each round. after killing the adds you should ring the available bell and attack Bistun itself.

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