The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – How to Be the Master Chef (Cook Guide)

Brief guide on how to be the top Chef.

Guide to Be the Master Chef

Your Job

The main job as Cook is getting blood. You have the highest starting blood harvesting out of anyone in the family.

Soon as the match (Depending on where you’ve started.) Padlock the doors that lead via Exits. That could be the Car battery or Gen Exit. Some have two doors out. One might have a latch and the other latchless. Of course Padlock the door without a latch.

After that move straight into collecting blood. Press you Middle mouse and it will highlight the blood buckets around the map for you. Once you’ve reached 100 Blood feed grandpa. Waking up grandpa is your main prio along with getting him levelled asap.

Once Gramps is awake he will yell revealing the location of survivors doing stupid **** like running around. The more spicy meals you cook up for gramps the more he will Yell.

To improve your blood harvesting you need to spend you ability points. As you can see below I stacked mine into blood harvesting. Allowing me to carry more blood and harvest more.

Another thing you can do is focus on getting Universal dono. This perk is insane. When fully levelled up is gives 40% extra blood.

Your second job which comes later on is spotting survivors with your sense.If it’s a level one which I’m assuming it is it’s kinda pointless unless survivors are out the basement. However to combat this once you’ve level it up you can spend the level up points to get it so when you spot a survivor using senor it shows the whole family. Good for buba in basement early on.

Hopefully this is helpful.

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