The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Blood Harvesting and How It Works

This guide will outline the blood values, totals, and collection amounts from buckets, with and without perks in effect.

Short Intro

Anyone with any amount of time playing Family will have noticed the blood harvesting being not so apparent until jumping into a game over and over and over adjusting this stat to get the exact numbers you want, along with confusion of how the buckets work to fill your total.

So I have compiled all of these stats along with lots of helpful information including how perks affect the numbers on both collecting and totals of blood!

Blood Harvesting Stat

The Blood Harvesting stat changes many many things, such as the amount of blood you can hold in your vial, and in turn, the amount of blood you harvest from blood buckets, as well as the amount of blood gained from hitting victims, and executing them. All of these things are directly tied to the simple Maximum total blood you can store.

Totals (With / Without Perks)

Your total blood storage is the only thing directly affected by putting points into blood harvesting, the amount of blood collected by any means is just a percentage of your total, this is consistent from all of my experience, regardless of means.

Below I have a graph showing totals without perks, it’s linear, from 15 (the lowest nearest 5 possible) all the way up to 50 (maximum)

With the perk Blood Banker, you get 10%/20%/30% more maximum blood and that will directly add onto the totals listed, I have a graph made for level 3 Blood Banker’s totals below as well

So much more, notice a huge total increase, from 140 to 182!

Below I will list all of the exact totals for every 5 Blood Harvesting, with and without Blood Banker (level 3 for examples):

  • 15 Blood Harvesting = 84 total w/ Blood Banker +25 = 109 total
  • 20 Blood Harvesting = 92 total w/ Blood Banker +28 = 120 total
  • 25 Blood Harvesting = 100 total w/ Blood Banker +30 = 130 total
  • 30 Blood Harvesting = 108 total w/ Blood Banker +32 = 140 total
  • 35 Blood Harvesting = 116 total w/ Blood Banker +35 = 151 total
  • 40 Blood Harvesting = 124 total w/ Blood Banker +37 = 161 total
  • 45 Blood Harvesting = 132 total w/ Blood Banker +40 = 172 total
  • 50 Blood Harvesting = 140 total w/ Blood Banker +42 = 182 total

Harvesting Blood (Buckets and Victims)

Whenever you collect blood from either a victim or a blood bucket, you get a percentage of your total, you may have noticed this.

You get exactly 1/5 or 20% of your maximum from buckets, and 1/10 or 10% from hitting victims, as far as kills, you get a total of 95%, this will likely never really be a thing, you will probably be hitting them to kill them and this will fill you to 100%

With perks, such as and only: Universal Donor or Surgical, your blood gathering is increased quite a large amount.

Universal Donor will make your buckets give you 24%/26%/28%, rather than a flat 20%

Surgical will bring you to 12%/16%/20% per hit on victim, instead of the even 10%


All of this has been tested by just myself mostly, so all info and insight is welcome! Please correct me if I am wrong and help me keep this guide accurate! That is all, thank you, and goodbye.

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