The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – How to Play the Bubba

Outline basic guidelines for playing as Bubba.

Guide to Play as Bubba

Your Build

Obviously, you can play with any build you want, I’m just going to suggest a few things I think are strong on Leatherface.

As far as attribute points, Bubba has incredibly good Savagery and Endurance, and as those are both key in the length of your chainsaw sprint and the damage of your heavy attack, I recommend maxing both of these stats out before you even think about touching blood harvesting.

As far as Grandpa Abilities, these can be anything but I like Swinging to the Fences, which gives you a 20% discount on attack related stamina consumption.

For perks, I think Big Swings is a must have, as it increases your damage by 20% for double stamina consumption on attack. As Bubba has very strong Endurance, and his heavy attack has an animation that allows you to regain stamina after hit, this perks downsides are not felt very much by Bubba, while also giving an incredibly strong buff to damage. I also think Blood Runner is good, once you land a single heavy attack (should fill you up above 50% blood), you’re going to burn stamina 20% slower. This is where having a small blood capacity like Bubba actually comes in handy, as it’ll now be very easy to get this stamina buff.

As far as the Chainsaw build, as I will explain later, it’s important to grab at least one of the stalling resistance modifications, if not both, and at level 3 I think instant activation is nice, just to catch off any potential greedy Lelands at the start of the match.

Here is my build:

Blood Runner, Activated, Big Swings, Swinging to the Fences

And my chainsaw:

Overheat Reduction, Stalling Resistance, Instant Activation

Early Game

When loading in as Bubba, it’s important to understand that the victims gain control of their character before you, and it’s possible for victims to quickly find you and stun you at the beginning of the game. Because of this I recommend turning on your chainsaw as quickly as possible.

Bubba starting chainsaw

You’ll want to be revving your chainsaw constantly once on. When you get the red bar ~2/3’rds of the way, you’ll enter an involuntary sprint. This is an excellent way of traversing the map is it burns stamina slowly while also being quite fast. In addition to the speed, if you unexpectedly run into the survivor, being in this sprint allows you to do a heavy attack out of the sprint. With some of the chainsaw stalling resistance modifications, your chainsaw won’t stall when you land this heavy attack, and if you immediately revv it up for a second or so, then follow up with a light attack, oftentimes you can instantly kill a survivor in this manner. Only thing is you can’t hold down your mouse button, you need to get the sprint going, then keep tapping your button to keep it revved while also not stalling.

Ana dying

Once your chainsaw is on, if you notice anyone around you, or you see a noise notification, you may want to try for an early kill. However, there are large swathes of the basement that have loops that are impossible to run, so if you can’t find anyone, or you’re finding that they’re keeping within areas of safety, it’s best to start breaking things. You can permanently close the crawl holes in the wall, and permanently destroy the barbed wire vaults. You can also break open doors.

Connie dead next to a closed crawl hole, they can only be destroyed after victims open them

Connie dead next to a barbed wire vault, you’re the only one who can do anything about this

I wouldn’t recommend breaking doors while you’re in hot pursuit, as they can be opened by pressing E, but breaking them during downtime will allow you to continue a chase without having to stop your chainsaw sprint. The crawlspaces and barbed wire vaults should always be broken, save for maybe one that’s short enough to just walk around, but generally I like to break all of it. Breaking this stuff will also allow your teammates to have easier chases later.

Blood buckets should be your last priority. Unless you have a blood build, it takes a significant chunk of time out of your loop breaking, and it’s a waste of blood if you manage to kill someone but already spent time collecting blood.

Mid Game

Once Grandpa wakes up, you’ll want to look around to see if you can spot the noise that was made to wake him. It’s also likely that this noise was one of the basement doors being opened, so it would be a good idea to start patrolling the exits, checking to see if they’ve been unlocked. If you find an unlocked door, now’s a pretty good time to get out of the basement.

Do note that if the victims wake up Grandpa immediately, due to excess noise, it may be a good idea for you to ask one of your teammates to come down to basement to apply some early game damage, preferably a Sissy or Hitchhiker as they can squeeze through the gaps and follow victims much more closely.

Once you’ve come out of basement, it’s a good idea to take a quick look around at the door locks on the top floor. It may be that Connie quickly grabbed a tool, and broke 2 locks within 30 seconds. If everything looks good, now would be a good time to feed Grandpa if you’ve come across any blood.

After that, I suggest breaking some of the stronger loops on the top side of the map, as this will make things much easier for your other teammates, especially Johnny and Cook. You’ll want to patrol door locks, fuses, valves, fuse box, and you’ll want to keep an eye on where the pressure control is in case you need to run there in a hurry. You may want to occasionally check a part of basement, just head down there and walk through to another exit if you can’t seem to find anyone.

If victims are excessively stealthing your team out, or your other teammates are lacking on their blood collection duties, you may want to consider some blood buckets at this point. Just get a feel for how the game is playing out, and if it’s going too slow, feed him a bit.

Late Game

I consider the late game to be when most or all of the locks are broken, and you’re no longer defending locks, fuses, or valves, but you’re instead defending the car battery, generator, fuse box, and pressure shut off. I honestly don’t have many tips for this, it’s a good idea to have a family member guarding each section of the map, and use their mic to communicate.

The battery and generator can be turned on again, and the pressure exit can be stopped if you get there fast enough. One thing that can’t be stopped is the fusebox, but if you’re bubba you can actually bodyblock the basement exit until it closes. It’s important to not panic and try and hit the victim, only to move enough to let them get around you.

Bubba bodyblocking basement exit


There is no one way to play Bubba, and I encourage you to deviate from this and try your own, unique strategies. This is simply what I found to work the best for my playstyle, which is an aggressive playstyle that relies on surprising victims with speed through long chainsaw sprints. I find this playstyle really fun and also fairly strong.

Make sure you enjoy the game, and try not to make the game unenjoyable for others. Lets have some fun yeah?


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