The Third Day – 100% Achievement Guide

Walkthrough with instructions to get 100% achievements.

Before You Begin…

All credit goes to Prof.Vaharrak !

  • Be sure to save often, the game has no autosave.
  • Achievements pop after you close the game.
  • I found a couple instances where Jesus wouldn’t “finish” an animation during an interaction, such instances required me to load a previous save, hence the suggestion to save often.
  • Following this guide should yield 100% completion, in case you missed any achievement, drop a comment and I’ll try to help you (not a guarantee, restrictions apply).

Full Walkthrough


  • Grab spear.
  • Interact with right wine glass, then left, finally center.
  • Open your inventory and “Use” the spear.
  • Click and drag the pole to the stalactite.
  • Use the spear tip on the shroud on the slab.
  • Drag the piece of cloth to the myrrh next to the glasses.
  • Get out.


  • Try to go to Golgotha.
  • Try to go to Jerusalem.
  • Go south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.


  • Talk to the neighbour. Exhaust all options.
  • Go Home (cave bottom left)


  • Talk to mom, exhaust all topics.
  • Interact with sleeping ox.
  • Grab rope.
  • Exit to Bethlehem.


  • Click on Donkey and Cat.
  • Next to Donkey is a house, enter.


  • Talk to priestess, exhaust all topics.
  • Head out to the street and out again to the world map.


  • Try to enter Golgotha and Jerusalem (I’m told this unlocks dialogue options, might not be necessary at this point but better safe than sorry).
  • Go back to Bethlehem.


  • Talk to neighbour, ask about Golgotha.
  • Ask him to lend you his Donkey several times until he asks for a pint.
  • Go to priestess, drag photo in inventory to her. She’ll tell you to get a tunic.
  • Go to mom, ask for tunic.
  • Go to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Gate.

  • Try to walk into the gate, you are stopped by a guard.
  • Talk to right guard, exhaust all options.
  • Talk to left guard, exhaust all options.
  • Talk to right guard, ask about unpleasant guard.
  • Give myrrh to left guard.
  • Get in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Market.

  • Talk to Noam, Abinadab (nervous) and Talmor (grumpy shopkeeper), be sure to exhaust all options to learn Kini’s location. (Noam will tell you about the poultry shop, Abinadab about Kini’s stall, Talmor about Kini’s location).
  • Interact with fountain to bless it. (achievement)
  • Go to Herod’s Palace, you will automatically walk back (achievement)
  • Go to the alley on the left.


  • Use barrel twice to get slab and wig.
  • Knock on door to talk to a paranoid man, exhaust all options.
  • Go back to Market and go to Hippodrome Street on the right.

Hippodrome St.

  • Go to the bar (near bottom of the screen).


  • Talk to Kini, asking about finding a pidgeon, exhaust all options.
  • Drag photo from inventory to Kini.
  • Talk to client, exhaust all options. Make sure to ask about F.A.N. and how to join.
  • Talk to harlot, exhaust all options.
  • Combine wooden pole and wig to get mop.
  • Go to Market


  • Use mop on fountain.
  • Go back to the bar.


  • Give the wet mop to Kini. You will get beer.
  • Go to the hippodrome.


  • Try to walk up the stairs next to the booth, you won’t be able to.
  • Talk to the receptionist, ask about joining F.A.N., benefits and requirements until he tells you to pay 3 drachmas, then ask how to make money.
  • Go to bar.


  • Talk to client about making money.
  • Go to Market.


  • Talk to Talmor, ask him about making money.
  • After getting the drachma ask about Talmor’s friends.
  • Exit Jerusalem and go to Bethany.


  • Talk to Bartimeus, restore his sight then ask for money to get another drachma.
  • Click on the crater for a short cutscene (achievement)
  • Exit Bethany and go to the Oasis left of Jerusalem.


  • Interact with “thing” right under you.
  • Talk to Abdel, ask about camel and exhaust all options.
  • Interact with camel.
  • Talk to Abdel again, ask about the camel, Zanzibar and fruit.
  • Go to Bethlehem.


  • Drag beer from inventory to neighbor. You will get donkey keys.
  • Interact with donkey keys in your inventory. (achievement)
  • It’s Golgotha time.


  • Walk to the right and you will find the crosses and the gravedigger.
  • Pick up nail under left cross.
  • Talk to the gravedigger. Exhaust all options before repeatedly asking for the tools. Eventually he’ll ask you to retrieve his beret from the monkeys.
  • Backtrack to the donkey screen and then click on the monkey sign (labelled as “poster”).
  • Let yourself be caught by the monkeys the first time (achievement)
  • You will wake up (3 days later) at the cave, return to monkey park and complete the stealth minigame.
  • At the end of the minigame you will get beret (press spacebar to see item prompts).
  • Go back to the gravedigger.
  • Drag the beret from your inventory to the gravedigger. Take the gloves and tools.
  • Click on the center cross to talk to God (achievement)
  • Go to Bethlehem.


  • Go to the priestess’ house.
  • Ask about the fruits.
  • Drag the gloves to the fruit barrel on the bottom left.
  • Interact with fruit in your inventory (achievement). Once you wake up, go to the Oasis.


  • Drag fruit from your inventory to the camel. You will get the 3rd drachma.
  • Go back to the Hippodrome in Jerusalem.


  • Drag the 3 drachmas to the receptionist to become a F.A.N. member.
  • Go to the 2nd floor and inspect everything (door, tapestry, floor, stairs and people).
  • Go to the bar.


  • Turn the client’s water into wine. He’ll pass out.
  • Take the panoptic eye for a short scene.
  • Drag the nail in your inventory on the gum the harlot is chewing.
  • Drag the spoon in your inventory on the gum on the floor.
  • Go to the priestess in Bethlehem.


  • Go into the priestess’ house, a dialogue will play out automatically.
  • Afterwards, go to Nazareth.


  • Go in the building all the way to the right (F.A.N. HQ).
  • Talk to the receptionist and exhaust all dialogue options. When you talk about betting, one of the options will remove your “Father’s picture”.
  • After this, drag “thing” from your inventory to the receptionist.
  • Ask for a betting form after he recognizes you as a F.A.N. member.
  • He will crouch behind the desk, at this moment, drag the spoon and gum from your inventory to the panoptic eye on the squid to retrieve it.
  • Go to the Hippodrome 2nd floor.


  • Drag the panoptic eyes to the squid on the floor.
  • Use the door to reach the next room (I will call this Teleporter Room).

Teleporter Room.

  • Drag spear tip from your inventory on the cable.
  • Use the cable to turn the machine on.
  • Use the control panel on the left, you will get a ticket.
  • Walk to the machine on the right and drag the ticket in your inventory on the right machine. You will be transported to pyramid.


  • Look at everything and interact with the amphora to get a blank slab.
  • Use the machine on the right for another ticket.
  • Use the drawings and take all the slabs on the bottom right of the drawings.
  • Exit the pyramid.

Outside Pyramid.

  • Talk to the exotic man and exhaust all dialogue options. You will get a pamphlet (“guide”).
  • Walk back into the pyramid.


  • Drag the guide from your inventory on to the hieroglyphs to get random spoilers (achievement)
  • Use the guide, you will see hieroglyph translations.
  • Combine nail and slab. Double click U (chicken symbol) to draw it.
  • You should have a total of 5 slabs. You need to spell “ANUBIS” under his drawing.
  • You will get a UFO ticket from the machine on the right.
  • Use UFO ticket on left machine (teleporter).


  • Talk to the aliens, exhausting dialogue options is not required as there’s loads of weird acronyms to explore in the dialogue tree. Make sure you ask about getting through the door and the chlorine alarm though.
  • Use the ticket machine on the background. You will get a 7 ticket.
  • Use 7 ticket on machine.
  • You will be teleported to a ruined city.

Ruined City.

  • Talk to Juno.
  • Go to Rancho Slot on the back. It’s a shooting gallery minigame.
  • Lose the minigame (achievement).
  • LOAD your save (my minigame bugged out and I wasn’t able to complete it anymore after failing it, hence SAVE/LOAD to prevent issues).
  • Complete the minigame this time around (you can’t click spam as the shots won’t register, you need to click and wait until the fruit dies before shooting again). You will get a gun.
  • Drag cross ticket from your inventory on the teleporter.

Teleporter Room.

  • Use the phone.
  • Go back to the UFO.


  • Use the phone on the left to create a time paradox (achievement).
  • Use the buttons next to the door.
  • Go to aisle.
  • Drag gun from inventory on alien.
  • After the cutscene walk into the room in the back.
  • Use the laptop on the bottom right.
  • Click on the DoorLocker program > Task Manager and end the task. Walk out of the room.
  • Walk into the newly opened door (gangway).
  • Talk to Alex B, exhausting all options.
  • Watch the credits to the end (achievement)
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