The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day – Walkthrough Guide

This is a barebones guide in case you get stuck during your playthrough of The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day.

Quick Guide to Complete Walkthrough

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This is just meant to be a bare-bones walkthrough for The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day.

Most of your playtime should be spent exploring your environments and examining random things, so I suggest you only use this guide if you get stuck as you’ll miss out on most of the content otherwise. For the most part, the puzzles aren’t difficult, but a few hotspots can be finicky, and sometimes the camera does not want to cooperate.

I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, and I am explicitly not addressing achievements – you should worry about those on your second go-through, and there are already good guides for that.

Chapter 01: Home

After the cuts scenes finish, you will find RT at home.

The Sound

  1. Head to the back room, back-left past the bed
  2. Interact with the battery on the table – it’s in the middle on the near side opposite the chair
  3. Go back a screen and examine the dresser
  4. Use the batteries on the radio
  5. Click on the hot spot on the left of the radio to flip it to the back
  6. Click the battery compartment on the bottom left to open it. Click again to insert the batteries, then a third time to close it.
  7. Click the hotspot to the right to flip it back to the front side
  8. Click the power button on the top right of the radio, then turn on the volume on the right side
  9. Click on the large knob on the front right side to start the “Radio Tuning” minigame.
    You can just lean on ‘D’ until RT’s dialogue triggers

The Heat

  1. Go back to the main room and wander until you get a call notice on the large computer on the left
  2. Talk to the computer and carry out the conversation as you see fit
  3. Return to the back room with the table and interact with the large grey box on the right-hand side. This will start the “Circuit Matching” minigame.
    Hint: You need to chose pairs of icons that mate to form a full square – if you have trouble doing it quickly enough, you can alt-tab out of the game (say, to a small notepad instance) and it will pause while inactive, giving you all the time you need to find your next match.
  4. Click “Exit” to complete the game

The Spark

  1. RT will mention he is low on charge – return to the main room and interact with the charginf station on the right side of the bed
  2. Move to the extreme right side of the screen – once the camera moves, you should see the door outside; below that is the circuit breaker box. Interact with it to start the “Power Distribution” minigame.
  3. Your objective here is to shift load between the two circuits until they’re both green – if either hits red the puzzle will reset. Your goal is to have only the 20 and 40 on the right, everything else left
  4. Interact with the charging station to end the chapter

Chapter 02: It’s Raining

Welcoming party

  1. Head up towards the crashed ship
  2. Use the plasma cutter on the door, for the minigame, just push the indicated direction, this wil let you inside
  3. Interact with the door to the right, pick up the wires on the floor to the left
  4. Head left past the dying robot and pick up the accumulator on the far left
  5. Use the accumulator on the dying robot
  6. Interact with the panel in the small of the robot’s back with the yellow sticker
  7. Use the red “plus” accumulator terminal, then the “minus” terminal, the click on the open hatch on the robot, and hook the wires into the bottom and top termianls there
  8. The robot will give you some numbers, which the game will record for you
  9. (Optional) you can interact with the robot again to take its memory chip
  10. Interact with the stairs to go up – the hotspot is a bit tricky – it’s at the base of the railing over the 3rd step from the bottom
  11. Interact with the helm, choose “Open Hold”
  12. Enter the password – you got the first 3 digits and can just brute force the last or use 4434 and click the “e” button
  13. Interact with the stairs to head back down. The hotspot should be left of RT’s knee
  14. Open the hold door on the upper right side of the screen, this will trigger another cut scene
  15. Complete the chapter as you see fit

Chapter 03: Making Connections

  1. Tap “F” until the dialogue triggers. Complete the coversation as you see fit
  2. Head down all the way and take the flashlight on the right corner of the brown cabinet on the left
  3. Talk to the orange robot (Patrick) as you see fit
  4. Head down and interact with the door on the right that is half broken off and look for the four contactors
    1. One is just below the lockers near the middle, in a direct line beneath the brown bottle atop the lockers
    2. One is on the floor between the two large blue recycling bins
    3. One is on the top right side of the fuse box(?) on the wall above and to the right of the recycling bins
    4. One is on the second shelf of the storage rack on the extreme left, above the fire extinguisher
  5. Talk to Patrick to give him the contactors and Abigail will invite you over
  6. Walk through the door to the left, to Patrick’s back
  7. Speak to the robot in the wheelchair (Nick) as you see fit
  8. Go back through the door and interact with the stairs to go to the basement
  9. Enter the door to the left
  10. Examine the power switchboard on the right wall
  11. Interact with the router to the left of the switchboard to see it is missing a chip
  12. Interact with the computer to see it lacks a fuse
  13. Interact with the server banks to zoom in – there is a grey square on each that serves as the power button – activate 1, 3 and 4.
  14. Leave the server room
  15. Pick up the spare switch by the tool box, and use the stairs to return to the main hallway
  16. Take the fuse off the table on the left
  17. Head up into Gregory’s office
  18. Take the spare chip off the floor – it’s slightly below the cardboard boxes immediately right of the green filing cabinets
  19. Go left to get back to the hallway, use the stairs to the basement, then walk to the server room
  20. Use the fuse on the terminal
  21. Use the chip on the router
  22. Use the switch on the switch board
  23. Interact with the switchboard to get the “Power Switch” minigame. Your goal here is to match the power pattern matching the binary code on the upper right – 00010. Of course, each switch causes thers to flip too. You should figure it out through trail-and-error quickly.
  24. Use the terminal and click “Connect”
  25. Leave the server room, head upstairs, go back through the open door on the left, and report back to Nick
  26. Complete the conversation and end the chapter

Chapter 04: F2

Getting In

  1. Walk into the open apartment doors
  2. Use the stairs on the left to head up
  3. Use the barricaded door with the police tape
  4. Use the stairs to go back down, then walk back out of the building
  5. Walk to the dumpster/alley area to the left
  6. Use the ladder visible at the top middle of the screen
  7. Go back inside the building – this time move to the left
  8. Use the horizontal section of pipe on the wall to the left of the stairs, beneath the ceiling lights
  9. Tap “F” until RT gives up
  10. Go back out of the building, return to the alley
  11. There is a reddish brick to the left of the tire by the wall – take it
  12. Go back to the pipe and use the brick on it to get the hooked pipe
  13. Return once more to the alley and use the hooked pipe on the ladder
  14. Use the beige concrete cube below the tire and to the right of the green electrical box
  15. Use the hooked pipe on the ladder again – it’ll work this time – then climb to the top

Getting It

  1. Use the computer
  2. Select the “email” icon and open the mail from Fletcher – delete the emails if you like, then exit the system
  3. Walk a little to move the camera, then use the large painting on the left wall
  4. Use your communicator on the safe to ask for assistance – play out the talk as you like until you get a chance to ask for help with the safe – do so
  5. Use the communicator on the safe again to begin the “Safe Cracking” minigame. Basically, each stage has six tumblers which contain slices of numerals, but only the correct numeral appears on every one. Just go through the options sequentially until you start to see matches – they will be perfect. A few stages also contain a false match, where two will look good, but won’t match the next tumbler – don’t worry, there wil lbe another, correct match available – the game gives the same beep on a true match and these decoy matches, so don’t be fooled. Once you have three matches, you’re on the home stretch. The code seems to be 06690
  6. After RT finishes doing his thing, explore more if you like, then use open window to end the chapter.

Chapter 05: Smooth Jazz

  1. Head up towards the wardrobe and use the key on it
  2. Go down and left and use the jukebox
  3. Go back to the wardrobe – you need to match the notes of the loop from the jukebox – if you’ve got perfect pitch or a real life instrument, you can use that, or the in-game piano in the top left corner. It’s G-C-G-F
  4. Just explore the next area – the next event seems to trigger after a number of actions?
  5. Give your name; after that, respond as you like and the chapter ends

Chapter 06: Zoom Zoom


This chapter has several “driving” sequences – they aren’t as hard as they look, but they can be a bit distressing, especially for what has been a sedate point-and-click up to this point.

The two main things I can recommend – first, the “strafe” keys are applying sideways force on your car – not steering, so it’s more like blowing on an air hockey puck than driving a real-life wheeled car. Use the initial warmup to get a feel for how you “slide” more than “turn”.

Second, pay attention to the red squares at the bottom of the screen that will appear once things heat up – they’re really on the only thing that matters because they indicate upcoming obstacles. You should still jink left and right a bit, but your eyes should focus on that bottom line; avoiding collisions is more important than the pretty graphics.

The First Jammer

  1. Head right and keep going until you see the large wooden double-doors
  2. Use the doors then go inside
  3. Go left until you see the jammer – it’s a large “Star Trek”-looking thing with a green “Online” display
  4. Use the jammer to start the “Deactivate Jammer” minigame – your goal here is to press space when the red line is over red circles, without any green circles at the same time. Each circle moves at a different speed, so just be patient and wait for a clear shot and you’ll be fine
  5. Return to the aerocar and use it to start the next action sequence

This second action sequence is a bit hairier than the first, but doable. I found it a bit easier to try to just stay on one side of the divide, but ended up changing a lot from over-dodging. As before, it’s more forgiving than it looks.

The Second Jammer

  1. Talk in the open door and use the jammer to start another session of the “Deactivate Jammer” minigame – it’s the same as before, just a little more crowded – nothing patience can’t fix. Completing the game will also end the chapter.

Chapter 07: New Digs


It isn’t obvious, but the area you’re in is roughly the shape of a capital “P”, and you start a the bottom, with the rock face ahead at maybe 11 o’clock on the top of the P – I will use that to describe the various locations because the camera is not longer at a fixed angle.

  1. Head toward the rock face – you will notice a solitary tree in the middle of the clearing – approach it and use the human corpse there to get the key card. This will also spin the camera and probably give you a clear view of the cave entrance and the grey console to the left of the opening
  2. Walk to that console and use the card on it – when that fails, use the communicator to speak to Nick
  3. You can now see the underground electrical conduits as fullbright red lines under the grass. They can be a bit hard to see, since you can’t angle the camera down, but if you lose track you can just move a little and you should find them again. The first line splits in two, and one of those lines splits again
  4. Just follow whichever one you like – you’ll get to a wall or obstacle and you should get a hotspot near the ground to activate a hidden console. Once you have, backtrack, and take a different path until you’ve turned all three on
    1. One is at 10 o’clock “above” the line of blue barrels
    2. One is about half-way down the stem of the “P”, closer to the beginning of the blue barrel line than your aerocar
    3. One is around 5 o’clock roughly opposite the cave entrance
  5. Return to the console (RT calls it an “access panel’) and use the key card on it to move on to the next section


  1. Move down a little until you see the bright blue console below the door you came through – use the keycard on it to close the door
  2. Head right and use the keycard on the bright blue console above the door – this will bring you to a corridor
  3. Go up and use your keycard on the blue console, then go up through the doors to be cleaned
  4. Once clean go through the newly opened doors to the change room
  5. Head up and right – I had to struggle with the camera a little, but there is another blue console on the extreme upper right; use the keycard on it and go through the door
  6. Now you are in a T-shaped hallway – go right into the open area and continue – the door will open for you and allow you into the generator room
  7. Use the screen on the generator to start the “Activate The Generator” minigame. This isn’t hard exactly – You just need to get a line to go from the start to the finish by rotating tiles. unfortunately, you can also only “see” the tiles that touch powered tiles. It’s mostly just a matter of doing it – I recommend just focusing on moving the line to the right. Once you get visibility to the last few tiles, you’ll be able to see that only one approach is possible, so you can then backtrack and do that. It looks like this puzzle might change between plays so I can’t offer a direct solution

If you’re feeling confident you can save some time with option one

  1. Option One: Just Nuts!
    Note – you may need to run past the guns on the way back too – it seems to be harder.
    1. Head up through the in the ttree-way- hallway – this will bring you to the turret room
    2. If you time it carefully, you can run down the middle of the room between the gun cameras or you can use the boxes on the right to do it a little more easily – once you reach the top wall, you are safe
    3. Continue through the door to get to the scanner room and then the science room
    4. Go down until the screen changes and you can see the main computer
    5. Use the keycard or blue memory chip (from the pilot) on the computer – the chip will also deactivate the guns for you

  2. Option Two: A Little Help
    1. Go down to the change room, then left through the airlock back to the first hallway
    2. Continue down – ignore the door on the left for now – the camera will flip eventually revealing another door – use the keycard to go through itinto the second hallway
    3. Go left into the opening in the wall to the Sleeping Area
    4. There’s a small note on the floor on the bottom right side – read it for the code 0451
    5. Go back to the main hallway and use the keycard on the door on the left
    6. Head left until you see the bank of three lockers – use the one on the right
    7. Enter the code to get the security bot circuit
    8. Return to the main hallway, head up through the airlock to the change room, and keep going up into the turrent room
    9. Sneak to the left until you hit the wall, then go up – use the keycard on the blue console to reveal the security robot
    10. Use the security bot circuit on the security bot. The hotspot is a bit small – try walking away a little; it’s just below the gun barrels
    11. Now that the security bot is in the middle of the room you should have no trouble getting behind it without getting shot – from there, you just need to do a quick nip to hug the wall. The security bot is basically a cube, so you can start at the edge of one of the guns then when the camera sweeps away just quickly run around it and head towards the door – you might want to move towards the middle a bit as you do it
    12. Open the door with the keycard and move though to the scanning room – keep going to the science room
    13. Move down until the camera changes and you see the main computer – you can use either the keycard or, if you have it, the blue memory chip (from the dead pilot in chapter 2). Whichever you choose will result in a short conversation, but the chip will also open a side room with some plot tidbits and deactivate the turrets

Finishing up

  1. Head back to the scanner room to the turret room
  2. Go through the turret room (being careful if they’re still on, of course) to the three-way hall
  3. Continue to the right to the change room then left through the airlock
  4. If the turrets are still active go through the door on the left and go into the cube-like subroom. Using the keycard on the computer there will allow you to deactivate the guns. Return to the hallway
  5. Go down through the hallway and through the broken airlock to the second hallway
  6. Head up in the second hallway to the airway system and use the blue computer on the left to finish the game.
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