HITMAN 3 – Freelancer Mode Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Shadowmowgli!

So, it looks like you have failed a butt-ton of campaigns… Well same here! Here is a semi-comprehensive guide to what I have learned.

Guide to Freelancer Mode

Starting from Scratch

Booting up the game for the first time? Check this out.

There are some major differences between Freelancer & the main campaign.

  • You start off with one piece of equipment, the ICA19 Classicballer. Nothing else.
  • You’re taking on randomized targets in different locations instead of specified targets in the same location (kinda like contracts)
  • You don’t get to choose where you start the level in, it is random everytime (Note: All uniformed starting points are not used)
  • No stashes or pickups
  • If you die/fail you lose half of your merces & all of the equipment you bring into the mission.
  • Once you start a mission, you cannot restart, replan, or save your game within the level.
  • You can exit a mission at anytime, even when the main objective is not completed at the expense of failing the mission.

Does it matter what Syndicate I choose?

The differences at the moment is the different optional objectives that pop up. For Example, if you chose the Arms Trafficking, you would get objectives relating to usage of firearms. For your 1st run, it doesn’t matter what syndicate you choose. Personally, I went with the Assassination syndicate as it aligns with my playstyle.

What are merces anyway?

Merces is the currency you can use to buy new gear ranging from lockpicks to sniper rifles.

How do I earn merces?

Merces can be earned by completing optional objectives set by the syndicate you are after, or until you unlock Prestige Objectives after completing your 1st syndicate.

Reward & Supply Crates

Reward crates give you a cool new weapon that can persist through your campaigns if on your wall. Supply crates give you a choice between three freelancer items. Freelancer items will not persist through different campaigns.


Unlike in the normal modes of Hitman, stashes are similar to Supply crates, spread across the map that give you tools to help you on your mission.

Couriers, Safes, & Suppliers

Well, getting all your merces won’t be worth anything if you don’t spend them!


Couriers are randomly selected persons on the map that carry this sweet, sweet merces. Knock them out, or kill them; pick your poison and get that sweet moolah.


Safes contain a considerable amount of merces and can be opened either by scanning objects for codes or by blowing it up. You don’t lose any amount by blowing it up, so bombs away!

If you’re scanning for codes here’s some Pro Tips!

  • 1. Look around the area for Files, Open Laptops, or Tablets. There will always be either 2 in a small room & another in the adjacent; or all 3 in a larger room.
  • 2. Bring out that camera & scan away!
  • 3. Unlocking a safe is considered an illegal act and takes a few seconds to unlock. Make sure no one is watching you, or don’t. We sure aren’t telling anyone.


These are the people you will meet with to spend your hard-earned merces and get some cool weapons! The prices cans range between 1-300~ish merces. The usual range for usables is 10-15 merces while Snipers can be in the range of 69-300!

Screwing Up & Alerted Zones

So, you got wounded huh? Or even you failed a mission? All is not lost, except when it is.

Wounded/Failed Mission

If you become wounded (i.e. You get shot a bit too much) you will fail the level you did and the remaining zones will become alerted. You will lose all the equipment you had in the level, and half your merces. But, once you stand back up, there will be a nice recoupe of 12-14 merces in the tray in front of your bed.

Alerted Zones

Well, you screwed up and spooked the rest of the Syndicate. Tough luck. That means that if you fail in those zones you will fail the entire campaign and have to restart it. Of course, since they’re spooked Targets/Suspects become enforcers and will spot you unless you are in civilian clothing.

Taking Down the Big Honcho

Well, you did it. The leader came out of hiding and is now cornered. Make sure you get them.

Suspects & Suspect Camera

In this final showdown against the Leader, you are given two tells, six traits, & their agenda to find them among highlighted suspects. Use your camera to tag each suspect either as or not the prime target. Looks & tells are self-explanatory. Agenda is what they are after. Do beware though, if they are spooked they will be escorted by guards to an exit. If the leader escapes, the campaign is reset.

Let us go over what happens when you take down a suspect:

Suspect with a Handover Agenda

They will drop whatever they were going to do a deal with, and a handover burner phone. Use it to call other suspects with that same agenda to wherever you initiate the call at. Remember, it is illegal to initiate a call so beware who is watching.

Suspect with a Business Agenda

They will drop a Business burner phone. Use it to call other suspects with that same agenda to wherever you initiate the call at. Remember, it is illegal to initiate a call so beware who is watching.


These people will look like normal civilians but will be near their leader most of the time. (If you have an assassin nearby prompt when you are near a suspect, it will most likely be them) They are armed with a very accurate & powerful HWK21 Covert that can kill you in just a couple shots.


These are basically all-disguise enforcers who if alerted to any disturbance will spook the leader to escape.

Mastery & Gear Selection

Taking down Syndicates gives you XP that level up your mastery level. Your mastery level will unlock new areas, items, & modes of transport.

Weapons Wall

Before going out on a mission, who wouldn’t want to grab a cool gun? To unlock guns, you must bring them back with you during level completion. Grab it, Inspect it, just make sure not to lose it.

Freelancer Tools

If you want to bring some poisons, tools, or stuff to help you get by this is the area to grab it. Remember, these are items that do not persist between campaigns.

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