This Means Warp – Advanced Strategy Tips

Tips to Strategy

Combat Tips

  1. If you start repairing and then immediately cancel, you refill the orange bar which extends the timer for repairing it later. You can juggle repairs this way to allow your fellow crew enough time to get the repair packs over to prevent permanent damage.
  2. AI crew move slowly, but you can help them out. By walking at them or dashing at them, you can push them along. This is especially helpful when they are slowed down by carrying something, like extinguisher or repair pack, and they need to get somewhere faster than they want to walk.
  3. Dashing is only available when not holding an item, but once you start the dash, picking up an item will not cancel it. So, if you need to carry faster, drop the item -> dash -> pick up the item. It takes some practice to get the timing right, but using this method you can get rid of bombs, make repairs, and refill ammo/battery far faster than walking. I am not sure if this one if a glitch or not.
  4. Leave items around. Ammo should be near the guns at the start of each fight. Repair packs should be near the middle of the ship. Prep your ship for battle.
  5. The best target to hit on the enemy ship is the walls. Time it so that the enemy crew fall into space. Since everything gets repairs quite quickly, it’s not really helpful to destroy weapons or other systems. Sending enemy crew to space means they have to spend time dead first, and then they still have a repair to do when they get back. It wastes far more of their time than destroying anything else.
  6. When using teleporter, you can ♥♥♥♥ around with enemy crew by dashing into them to push them away from where they want to go. You can cancel repairs in progress by doing this. You can also sit on a gun that they are bringing ammo to and they will supply you with ammo to shoot at their own ship.


  1. Limit the tasks you let the AI do. I like to have them repair and bomb dispersal. If playing solo I might let them take a gun or use offensive bombs. Refilling battery is fine, but refilling ammo gets annoying because they are slow and don’t choose the right gun to reload most of the time.
  2. AI is pretty good at using shields. A human can do almost any other task better than an AI can.
  3. When collecting Sporepuffs they will shoot air at regular intervals. Time it and turn around before they shoot to boost you back towards the ship
  4. Known glitch in the rune deposit game causes you to get stuck on the edge of the stairs and rune platforms. Back off and try from another angle as a temporary fix. Also, don’t worry about what color is currently active. Just deposit any color and then come back later when it lights up. Much more efficient.

Early Game Systems and Weapons Advice

  1. Bombs. Drain bomb is very good and can demolish ships very fast but you have to unlock it. Oxygen bomb is nearly useless. It doesn’t cause any damage and oxygen is almost never a problem for either ship. Damage bomb is okay but not great. Bombs cause enemy crew to need to do extra jobs and that means they aren’t attacking you. Drain bomb is the only one that causes a big threat to them if they don’t deal with it fast.
  2. Support systems. Movement speed buff doesn’t do enough. Repair speed buff is situational. Helps for some events but overall may not be worth it. Ammo bots are bad. It’s not that hard to reload yourself. Repair bots are okay, but the AI crew is decent enough at repairing. Might be good to place a repair bot far away from your repair kit spawner. Anti-physical turret is amazing and you should try to get two of them. Splash damage is your worst enemy, and the anti-physical turret saves you from it. The other anti-turrets aren’t that great. Shields are very decent and the AI is good at using them. Repair Burst can be a real life saver if things go wrong and I recommend taking one if you can.
  3. Even though splash damage is threatening for you, it’s not so threatening for your enemies. They aren’t worried about repairing minor damage before it becomes permanent, so they don’t care if you partially damage 4 things. Breaking things is all that matters, and breaking walls to send crew to space is the best choice in most cases. Splash damage weapons don’t help much with that. Richochet weapons can be decent if they have good damage. You might be able to break a wall and send a crew to space at the same time.
  4. Weaken is bad. You only have two weapon slots. You need both to do damage. You can’t dedicate one of them to just help the other do damage.
  5. Multiply the number of shots by the damage number to get a rough DPS estimate. This is how you should normally compare weapons. Higher single target damage means breaking a system faster. But you may also need to account for overheat. For example, sniper overheats after every shot. So you should make sure you have other tasks to do in that time before you take sniper. Otherwise it’s just less DPS while you wait for it.
  6. Reroll all shops. After deciding what you might want to buy, you get a free reroll which refreshes all items. Always use this cuz it’s free. You may want to pay for additional rerolls if you aren’t finding what you need. I often reroll to look for those crucial anti-physical turrets.


  1. Evasion is very good. It prevents damage in many events and can even dodge boss super attacks. Kind of a long cool down, but tends to be worth it.
  2. Weaken is still bad.
  3. Mutiny is awesome. It’s like having an additional crew and a teleporter all in one augment.
  4. Instant revive is okay. AI crew tend to get sucked into space often if your walls are hit.
  5. Fire ammo is better than super ammo. Lighting a fire wastes enemy crew’s time with two jobs, extinguishing and then repairing. Super ammo just deals a bit more damage, which often isn’t enough to matter.
  6. Many augments only work well with the right equipment, like Richochet damage up needing a richechet weapon or the offensive bomb timer reducer needing drain bombs, as other bombs don’t really benefit from the shorter timer because they don’t do much when they go off.
  7. Random shield augment doesn’t help that much realistically but it FEELS good when it finally blocks something lol.
  8. Item refresher is okay. Sometimes it goes off at the wrong time and doesn’t do much. Sometimes it makes a good difference in a fight.
  9. Bounce bombs augment is great. Saves your crew the time to dispose of them and forces enemy crew to take on another job.
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