Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road – Romance Guide

Romance Guide

It is possible to enter a relationship with some of the characters in the game, here’s a brief guide to your options.

I found that romances dialogue choices didn’t apear in my options on my first playthrough where I had low humanity and low social stats. So if you’re having trouble triggering them, one of those could be the reason (my bet is on humanity but idk for sure).

Julian Sim

When he implies you had a past relationship you can indulge him or deny it doesn’t matter this early in the game.

If you keep a decent relationship with him, once you complete the first 3 missions, when he visits you, you get the option to start a relationship. It’ll have [Julian] in brackets at the end.

Follow the story while helping him out and if you choose his side in the final stages of the game you can sleep with him then be together for his crazy scheme in the epilogue.

Prince Lettow

You can flirt with him when you first meet but I don’t think it matters this early in the game.

Once you do the first 3 missions when he calls you in for a private chat you should get the option to act on your crush (smth like ‘i’m happy to finally spend time with him’) it’ll have [Camarilla] in brackets after it.

During the Raremouse chapter you can then act on your feelings and kiss him surrounded by the corpses of his underlings.

Later when you’re choosing your endgame side with Lettow and you get the option to either kiss or sleep with him.

When he decides to leave at the end, you get the option to follow him.

Ghul Romances: Raúl Cañedo, Vani Anand and Elena Prodan

All 3 of your retainers have the same way of starting a relationship.

Once recruited visit them at their place and invite them for a date, at the end of which you can choose to kiss them, beggining your romance.

Do this BEFORE finishing the final of the first 3 missions otherwise the option to go on a date will dissapear.


When you first arrive at the Elysium talk to her about the different car accidents you been in.

After completing the first 3 missions you’ll get the option to be friendly towards her. When looking for a spy for her, you can ask her out for a drive with you if you find anything.

On your date have high Charisma + Drive and a decently pricey car if you wanna impress her.

After talking to her as you drive around you’ll get an option to propose a deeper relationship. If you managed to impress her, you can proceed. Otherwise she will reject you.

During the final section of the game if you side with the Camarilla you can sleep with her.

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