Thriving City: Song – Fastest Ways to Make Money

Useful Tips for Making Money

  • Set your tax rate to 0.2 as soon as you start making meaningful taxes. The happiness hit is only -5 and it doesnt seem to impact you too badly.
  • You don’t need every service as soon as they unlock. For example, I didn’t build a constable until much later. You also don’t need an apothecary or a funeral home right away.
  • Don’t overbuild lodges/teahouses etc. I’m still not 100% sure how the mechanics work with these but they can make or lose you a lot of money. Also make sure any lodges/teahouses are supplied

Note: I found that compared to other city builders, it’s important to remember you’re very population-gated when it comes to income. I also didn’t put down warehouses at distant locations and just forced my people to walk very far.

General Tips

Happiness and City Growth:

Make your citizens happy. The happier they are, the more newbies will show up each year. If you need 300 more folks and happiness is under 50, it’s gonna take forever to fill up your city.

Knowledge is Power:

Use the stats to spot problems. It shows if you’re making enough goodies to keep everyone happy. You can also see if tourists are bouncing without a ride, so you know to build more guest houses.

Annual Report:

Check out the annual report to learn more about your city’s statistics. It helps you catch problems you might miss. It’s better than the tiny window in the corner. In my game, my buildings are gobbling up mad food and I’m short over 400.


If there are too many people around, you will see an icon on the building. I’ve only spotted this at the apothecary so far.

I hope you found this useful!

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