Thunder Tier One – Ultimate Guide to Unlocks

The unlocks in this game are 100% random.

Customization and Unlocks Guide

You unlock a new thing every 2nd level up, but the game does not tell you which one. You need to find out yourself. For headgear, tops, and pants, a green circle will appear on the category button to indicate a new unlock.

Things you can unlock are:

  • Headgear
  • Tops
  • Pants
  • Camos/colors
  • Patches for the shirt shoulder
  • Backgrounds for the armory (not shown in this guide)

This guide shows all the cosmetic items, uncluding the few that are unlocked by default. This is all the customization currently available in the game to the player.

Everything in the following categories is unlocked by default:

  • Face
  • Headset
  • Armor
  • Vest
  • Backpack

Items not shown in this guide:

  • Gloves (2 items)
  • Elbow pads (1 item)
  • Knee pads (1 item)

Tops, pants, vests, and backpacks are presented in a way that lets you see their slots and layout.

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