Tiny Civilization – Tips to Obtain 16 Wonders Achievement

Here you can find few tips thats might help you to obtain 16 wonders achievement.

16 Wonders Achievement Tips

All credit goes to lireas!

  • As stated above by Xas you’ll have a better shot at this playing in Hero Mode. Hard dif., to be specific.
  • In the beginning, only use Spear to remove beasts in the 3*3 center blocks, Carriage only if you’re in dire need of combining or it’s a great trade in general and Slash & Burn only if you’re about to lose by food
  • At the starting sequence try to always keep space open for spawning blocks, or in other words, don’t let your space get all filled with blocks. As progress is severely damaged by this since you’re unable to get neither automatic combinations nor new people blocks for leveling up potential
  • Always pick the Wonder hero if he’s available (kinda obvious ik, just worth noting).
  • If you haven’t gotten to the Internet level upgrades by the end of Discover Era, you lost, start over.
  • In later stages, specifically last eras before War, use Train and Plane every time you see a profitable Industry combination opportunity, that or culture. Also if you’re not set for life with food by this point you also lost, start over.
  • Always, but especially in the beginning, move blocks in a way that makes it likely that spawned blocks will automatically produce combinations (i.e. putting two food blocks together with a bunch of open spaces around them). This is the stage most with the best chances to get resources automatically so it’s imperative you take advantage of that.
  • Just in general try to make as many combinations possible with every move, as a standard move (simply moving a block around) only spawns one new block, whereas a combination move allows 2 spawned blocks, and later on this is very important as you’ll need as much industry as you can get
  • Use Gun no more than twice.

Rest is up to luck, as annoying as that sounds.

Bonus Tips

Luck does play a huge factor in this, as this last run I wasn’t doing anything particularly different to any of my last few ten or so attempts… All that happened was I got lucky with the heroes + spawns match-up, which got me to have 5 Wonders even before the first grid extension.

One final tip I’ll give to anyone who’s still trying: if you get a run where you have 4 or 5 Wonders before the first extension, make sure to save your game. as you’ll have good chances of winning but still chances of RNG flipping that around for you are just as high.

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