Town of Salem 2 – Every Single Sub-Faction for Every Actual Faction

This “Guide” is here to remind you which roles fit under which sub-factions!

Town Sub-Factions

In the town, there are 5 sub-factions.

Those being Town Power, Town Killing, Town Protective, Town Support and Town Investigative.

Town Investigative (TI): Coroner, Investigator, Lookout, Tracker, Sheriff, Seer, Psychic and Spy

These roles have the common trait of NOT being able to be guessed by Ritualist or Doomsayer.

Town Support (TS): Amnesiac, Admirer, Tavern Keeper and Retributionist

Tend to have decent-ish info…

Town Protective (TP): Bodyguard, Cleric, Crusader and Trapper

They give their target defense!

Town Killing (TK): Deputy, Trickster, Veteran, Vigilante

All have some form of attacking measure (Trickster stands out as not killing directly)

Town Power: Jailor, Mayor, Monarch and Prosecutor

These roles have the power to swing a game back in Town’s favor.

Jailor has Unstoppable night attack

Mayor and Monarch influence votes

And Prosecutor can just decide to lynch someone.

Coven Sub-Factions

There are only 4 coven sub-factions, but Doomsayer doesn’t care. Doomsayer just has to guess that they are a Coven member.

They are: Coven Power, Coven Killing, Coven Utility and Coven Deception

Coven Power: Coven Leader (CL), Hex Master (HM) and Witch

CL can attack via Powerful attack or have Basic/Basic

HM can kill everyone if they hex all living non-coven

And Witch can control people

Coven Killing: Conjurer, Ritualist, Jinx

Conjurer is Daytime Unstoppable attack

Ritualist is Nighttime Unstoppable attack (if you guess their role right. if you fail, you are outed)

Jinx is just Ambusher from Town of Salem 1

Coven Utility: Potion Master (PM), Necromancer, Poisoner, Voodoo Master and Wildling

These roles either give info (Wildling and PM) or stop info from being given (Poisoner and Voodoo Master)

Necromancer is the odd one out here, but it has the abilities of Retributionist… if they could use all corpses

Coven Deception: Medusa, Illusionist, Dreamweaver and Enchanter

Dreamweaver makes people go insane (can’t choose their guilty/innocent vote or choose an action at night)

Medusa just deletes people’s roles and wills if they kill

Illusionist makes Coven members look innocent, while Enchanter makes non-coven look suspicious

Enchanter can also change their target’s will.

Neutral Sub-Factions

There are only 3 this time. However NONE of them (except one) like each other.

These are: Neutral Apocalypse, Neutral Killing and Neutral Evil

Neutral Apocalypse: Baker/Famine, Berserker/War, Plaguebearer/Pestilence and Soul Collector/Death

Usually only one can spawn per game (unless it’s the Four Horsemen gamemode) but each of them are incredibly threatening if they transform (Death having the quickest win condition)

Neutral Killing: Shroud, Arsonist, Werewolf and Serial Killer

All of them have basic defense but they are ALL against each other (unless they are the same Neutral Killing role)

Neutral Evil: Executioner, Doomsayer, Jester and Pirate

All of these roles can kill in one way or another, however they each have a goal of their own. Doomsayer guesses 3 roles correctly (at once) and they get hit with an Unstoppable attack.

Executioner picks a target to try and get lynched. If that target is lynched that day, a random person who voted guilty or abstained will be hit with an Unstoppable attack.

Jester wants to be lynched. If they are, they can haunt a guilty/abstaining voter with Unstoppable attack.

Pirate wants to win two duels. These duels are basically Rock Paper Scissors. If the Pirate picks the option directly in front of the defenders option, the Pirate wins the duel.

Each of the Neutral Evil roles will “leave the town” if they succeed in their goal. They will join the dead chat, as if they had died, but they are confirmed to have won the game.

Ritualist and Doomsayer

Ritualist and Doomsayers have their main way of attack being to guess roles.

Ritualist has to guess your EXACT role whereas Doomsayer has to guess town roles specifically, but other factions have to just be guessed as their sub-faction (except coven)

Neither role can guess Town Investigative roles (in order to balance the game), so don’t be too afraid of claiming your Town Investigative role.

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