Town of Salem 2 – Deputy Role Guide

This guide offers an in-depth look at the Deputy role, a member of the Town Killing alignment in Town of Salem 2. Understand the Deputy’s abilities, devise effective strategies, and learn how to manipulate in-game events to your advantage, ultimately leading your town to victory.

Guide to Deputy Role

Role Information

The Deputy, a member of the Town Killing alignment, doesn’t possess any attack or defense immunity. The Deputy’s power lies in the ability to deal a Powerful Attack to a player during the day. However, this power comes with a substantial risk – if the shot player is a Town member, the Deputy dies immediately. Also, this ability can’t be used on Day 1. The goal of the Deputy, like other town roles, is to eliminate all criminals and evildoers.

Strategy Guide for Playing as Deputy

Understanding the Deputy Role

As a Deputy, your primary duty lies in eliminating potential threats to the town. You have the unique ability to take direct action during the day and shoot a player. However, this power comes with the risk of potentially killing a fellow Town member and sacrificing yourself in the process.

Choosing Your Target

The choice of who to shoot should not be made randomly. Analyze the players’ behavior, their role claims, and their voting patterns. Utilize the information shared by other town roles to make an informed decision on who to shoot.

Understanding the Risks

While your role provides a substantial offensive measure, it also comes with a considerable risk. Shooting a Town member results in your immediate death. Therefore, it’s crucial to be certain before deciding to shoot.

Communicating with the Town

While your role revolves around taking direct action, don’t underestimate the power of communication. Share your suspicions and observations with the town. However, revealing your role might make you a target for evil roles.

Deputy’s Game Log Template

  • D1: Observations:
  • D2: Observations/Suspicions: / Shoot Target (if any):
  • D3: Observations/Suspicions: / Shoot Target (if any):

Continue this pattern for each subsequent day. Update your observations with crucial information from other players, voting patterns, and other notable occurrences.

Strategies for Posing as a Deputy

Understanding the Role

To convincingly pose as a Deputy, you need to understand the role’s mechanics. Know when and how to claim that you’re contemplating shooting someone.

Creating a Believable Story

Create believable reasons for your suspicions. Ensure they align with the events unfolding in the game.

Adapting to Game Events

If a player you claimed to contemplate shooting dies or is proven innocent, have a back-up plan or a plausible explanation to cover it up.

Maintaining Consistency

Make sure your claims remain consistent throughout the game. If your suspicions contradict known facts or other players’ findings, your cover may be blown.

With these strategies in mind, you’ll be well on your way to successfully playing the Deputy role or convincingly posing as one to confuse your adversaries.

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