Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – How to Defeat Better Players in Multiplayer (for Beginners)

Although there are many players who will have better movement, reflexes, and aim than you, there are certain setups and tactics that you can use to get the upper hand on a far more skilled opponent. This guide will highlight some basic strategies.

Tips to Beat Better Players in Multiplayer


If you’re dealing with a player who has completely better movement, reflexes, and aim, you don’t have to rush the map like an NPC and feed the enemy team, ragequit, or accept defeat–there’s another option. You can use certain weapons, tactics, and classes-specific setups to give yourself a more even playing field. The best tactic overall is to ambush the unsuspecting player or hide behind your own pro players.

All these tactics work 10x better if you have your own skilled players or a team that reciprocates them.

For Countering Infiltrators/Scientists

Camp behind a wall with full vision of the target while they cannot see you and time their entry as they approach you (attack when they’re as close as possible). You will want something that limits their mobility & unleashes a large amount of damage in a sudden burst.

Since infiltrators have the sniper rifle and stealth ability & scientists have flight and the best long-range arsenal, trying to duel a superior scientist/infiltrator player at range usually ends badly except for a lucky sniper rifle headshot.


Titan (most recommended)

Use the corrosive slime cannon in an extremely short range ambush (which doesn’t require precise aiming), and once they’re slimed, use whirlwind to finish them off. You can also use the corrosive slime cannon and energon harvester+melee, since they will be a slow-moving target.

Destroyer (very viable)

Intercept their movement with the barrier using the ensnare upgrade. You can then use the Pulsar cannon or rocket launcher combined with a quick melee attack while the enemy is slowed.

Scientist (not recommended)

Really the only way to ambush a much better player with scientist is to intercept a fast-moving and reckless player with a fully charged gear shredder at close range. The audio queue would normally give away the element of surprise. Since this weapon can be dodged, the engagement should happen at extremely close range so all 3 blades hit the target. Coupling this tactic with the rust beam sentry will make it easier, but most skilled players would avoid the ambush entirely unless they’re rushing for an energon cube or racing through the map.

Infiltrator (not recommended)

Using this tactic, combine the EMP grenade with a scatter blaster or subsonic repeater burst followed by a melee attack. However, a better player can quickly react to the EMP and will miss the initial ambush before reking you.

For Countering Destroyers/Titans

In general, avoid any close-range encounters (unless finishing an enemy with 1 hp or with many teammates). Destroyer’s weapon arsenal is devastating from close range, which they can fire with impunity from behind a protective barrier. A skilled titan with a health shield and energon harvester is impossible to beat if you can’t outskill them.

Use the scientist class to snipe at these players from a long range (using photon burst rifle or marking targets for your team with the beam gun) and use superior maneuverability to escape any close encounters. Shoot and run away. Avoid traveling in enclosed spaces unless you’re taking damage in the open. Titans are slow and cannot catch up with a scientist, but they can catch up with infiltrators. Be weary of the vehicle mode weapon from destroyers and titans when engaging them at long range because they can be deceptively fast.

Scientists can also hide in tricky places/angles (either high in the map or in places no one else can reach) to snipe at titans/destroyers.


Sometimes you can catch titan/destroyer players off guard by using the camping behind a corner tactic if you use a fully charged gear shredder. I’ve ended a ton of killstreaks by waiting for an unsuspecting player to run into 3 blades, although they were far better players. However, Titans can absorb the initial attack then quickly destroy you with the energon harvester+melee if you don’t quickly escape.

Since infiltrators are squishy, don’t use them. They also cannot always outrun titans/destroyers. Unless you sneak up behind a wounded player or a player who’s distracted engaging someone else. Use an EMP grenade and any close-range weapon combined with a melee attack or use the stealth ability to flank them.

A General Ambush Tactic

Use the infiltrator and fully charge a sniper shot while cloaked. A successfully shot will severely damage any class. Finish the hurt player with the subsonic repeater or scatter blaster while they’re still reacting to the initial shot. This is best done in tight corridors/closed rooms since there’s less chance for an escape and you can line up a shot easily.

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