Trepang 2 – How to Shoot Bullets Out of Your Cuffed Hands

And use your abilities while cuffed as well.

Tired of using traditional weaponry, like fire-arms or even snapping necks? Grenades get boring after the 999th time? Look no further, friend. Behold! I will impart you a fighting technique so sacred, it might get lost to time forever!

Guide to Shoot Bullets Out of Your Cuffed Hands

Part 1. Picking the Location

I have yet to meet man that can outsmart bullet -Famous man.

First what you wanna do is select a mission that has you handcuffed…

Yes I think the first one should do just fine.

Simply go to your friendly neighborhood Raven and get a ride.

Part 2. Patience

Play through the mission until you get to the gun.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Fire-Arms? You Said We Won’t-“

You will need this gun, to absorb it for it’s uses for later, trust.

Part 3. Rebirth

(Optional) Maybe try shooting gun a couple of times.

Exit back to your Safehouse now, return home.

Part 4. The Reckoning

Now come back to the level.

And simply, restart the level.

You will be put all the way back, skip the cutscene, and it should look something like this:

Part 5. Vengeance

Yeah so, you can kill the guys at the start now, so that’s cool.

You still can’t pick up any other guns though…


Enjoy the forbidden technique of finger guns for 1 level.

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