Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts – Basic Combat Guide to Accuracy and Cannons

Accuracy & Cannons Guide

Look at sea state and weather, it heavily effects accuracy. Also there is a sweet spot for speed. There is a bar that shows optimum cruising speed to give you max accuracy.

Early 1890 the accuracy is generally bad outside of short range in anything other than calm seas. You also need to make sure your ships are well balanced so they are a stable gun platform.

If your maneuvering hard you can throw off both your accuracy and your enemies. Many successful battles involve close range brawls where torpedoes can be devastating.

Add torpedoes to most of your ships when possible until your main gun accuracy improves. Highly trained crews can improve accuracy and damage control as well.


Single barrel guns are more accurate than twin barrels by around 10 percent. Having many bulkheads can help vs your ship sinking as damage can be more easily compartmentalized avoiding mass flooding and detonations from fire spread.

Destroyers and torpedo boats incredibly hard to hit in the early years.

You can be more successfull when you started to use smaller calibres for point blank protection. The reason: DD/TB are very small targets and if you use big guns, the trajectory of your projectiles is very flat.

The flat trajectory increases overall accuracy but funnily also makes it ‘harder’ to hit small targets. If the shot is a little bit too low, it hits the sea. If it is but a little too high, it will miss.

Remember that the curvature of the earth gives the DD/TB a bit of a defilade position. With smaller calibre point blank defence, your projectiles’ trajectory becomes more of an arc. This makes it easier to hit DD&TB in defilade positions.

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