Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts – Weight Offset Guide

When you trying to build a ship you can see there is a weight offset. How it works? This guide explains it.

Guide to Weight Offset

Higher or Lower % Better?

In shortly: Lower gives you much less roll AKA you want as little offset as possible.

In Details

As already mentioned, you should be trying to get offset to zero. Even relatively small amounts can have a significant impact. Affects gun accuracy and flooding vulnerability, among other things.

Separate but related, spreading stuff out close to the ends and edges of the deck also increases Pitch and Roll, which likewise have negative accuracy and other effects. These cannot be zeroed out, but can be minimized with a more compact design (i.e., guns, funnels, towers etc concentrated toward centerline and trying to keep not too close to bow & stern).

This results in ships which might have fewer guns but higher inherent accuracy than the typical AI or auto-generated designs.


In the stats on the right side… There will be a stat for pitch and roll which will tell you exactly what the consequence of the current layout are. You cannot get these to be complete zero because adding weight topside is inherently going to increase roll.

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