Uncharted Waters Origin – Starter Admiral Tips

Tips to Choose Starter Admiral

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Starter admiral very much depends what one likes to focus on. The starting differences aren’t that big, but they keep increasing during leveling: at level 10 they have about double in each starting stat, that means they are twice as good in what they were good at level 0 (let’s say a stat which were 400 now is 800) and still weak where they were weak at level 0 (60 now is 120). B and C rated mates barely gain double in their main stats in 10 levels, and almost nothing in the others areas, so most of the fleet stats will come from the admiral (and ships and their upgrades, and armor and other gear) until we can afford A or S rated navigators.

So if you want early on to enjoy best trading, pick Ali. If you want to fight asap, then either Catalina or Otto (Catalina bit better on melee than artillery, but good on both, while Otto is mostly good in Artillery, not melee). The other two are explorers.

I for example want a lot of melee, so won’t get bored with trading (but trade is a must, no matter what you pick). I don’t like using artillery. The ship capture rate is small, so that’s not the reason, I just like that aspect of the game more.

Don’t focus too much on what is the most effective because this game isn’t a sprint, it’s more like a marathon. There are time gates ahead, so we will get “stuck” and advance slowly once we reach them. So pick the admiral that will bring you most fun, until you can unlock the next one. That could be weeks or months, I don’t know how long.

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