Uncharted Waters Origin – Definitive Market Guide

The market is where you’ll be able to purchase or sell trade goods.

Guide to Market


Tax is applied to all transactions made at the market.

However, the admiral’s nobility title, port’s status, tax permits and expertise can provide custom benefits.

The recommended goods shown at the right of the Market menu will display the goods that will provide you with the most net profit at the current market price.

When there is a large fluctuation in the market price of trade goods, it is considered a Market Price Event.

There are a total of 5 events available.

  • Single Goods Price Increase: Soar
  • Single Goods Price Decrease: Plunge
  • Category of Goods Price Increase: Trend
  • Category of Goods Price Decrease: Excess
  • Single Unpopular Goods Price Increase: Booming


Purchase trade goods available at the port’s market.

The market price is displayed as a %, and goods that are marked below 100% are the items that are cheaper than nearby ports in comparison.

Try purchasing goods at a lower price and selling them at a different port for above the purchase price to make profit.

The list of trade goods is refreshed at set time intervals, but it can also be refreshed immediately by using paid currency (Limit of 20 Refreshes/Day).

Select a trade good to view the graph of recent week’s market fluctuation, along with the highest and the lowest cost.

The Load Ratio feature can be used to load up the trade goods to the cart for your fleet.


Sell owned trade goods at the port’s market.

Just like purchasing, select a trade good to sell and view the graph of recent week’s market fluctuation, along with the highest and the lowest cost.

Selling trade goods above 100% of the market value will get you a profit, and the net gain/loss will be displayed upon selecting an item to sell.

To make more profit off of trading, deliver and sell items that are currently in trend or at the soaring status.

Sell specialties from different ports to rapidly gain Trade Fame.

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