Graveyard Keeper – Vampire/Ancient Curse Questline Guide (Game Of Crone)

Here is complete vampire/ancient curse quest walkthrough.

Guide to Vampire/Ancient Curse Questline

Note: The camp quest guide you can find here.

Step 1

Start after sleeping twice since DLC start.

Krezvold pull you in town for a cutscene where you agree to help find the vampire (or not).

After coming home, the shepherd will wait for you next to your home to interrogate you.

  • Ask the farmer son
  • Ask Rosa
  • Ask Ms chain
  • Ask Horadric
  • Ask Ms chain again
  • Ask the Astrologer (require 40)
  • Ask Theodoro (optionnal)

Step 2

Ask master Alaric

  • Wait for night and go near Alaric tent.
  • Cutscene, then expire all dialogues options with Alaric.
  • Agree to help +20.
  • Bring blood +20.

Step 3

  • Need Witcher’s eye to continue (camp step 3 completed).
  • Go the right side of the waterfalls (West of the apiaries).
  • Examine all 4 clouds (you can actually skip the most bottom one), then the 5 next clouds that appear.
  • After this a burrow appear, dig it to receive the jawbone.
  • Talk to clotho to analyze the jawbone.

Unlock memory tincture

  • Make 3 memory tincture (require 3 gold powder and 3 silver powder).
  • Use the 3 tincture.

Step 4

  • Ask Shepherd
  • Ask Alaric
  • Ask Gerry
  • Wait a day and ask Gerry again.
  • Need to talk to the ghost in the 8th level.
  • Craft amulet (require donkey step 2 completed).
  • 1 intestine 1 wax 1 donkey hair.
  • Go to the 8th Dungeon floor end.
  • Talk to shepherd
  • Talk to Clotho (optional)
  • Talk to Theodoro
  • Require camp step 5 completed

Step 5


  • Examine all clouds
  • Examine the clouds that appear on the right.
  • Dig the pile near the skeleton.
  • Dig the leg (optional).
  • Talk to Theodoro to leave the quagmire.
  • Use 3 memory tincture on the shoe to see a cutscene.

Step 6

  • Talk to the donkey when he come next (require donkey quest step 4).
  • Wait for the donkey to come back, then enter the morgue.
  • A 1st cutscene will show.
  • Talk to the shepherd.
  • Talk to Ms chain*2.
  • Talk to Horadric.

Step 7

  • Talk to Ms Chain on the beach.
  • Talk to Alaric

Clotho minds right answer:

  • Clotho
  • Necronomicon
  • Ancient curse
  • Vampires
  • Master Alaric
  • 4th Graveyard Keeper
  • Misty Quagmire
  • Ms Chain
  • Amnesia

Reward: golden apple

  • Sleep in your home and get out.
  • Some guards will arrest you.
  • Next part will continue after camp step 8.

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