V696 – Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips

One by One:

  • 1-In the bedroom there is a diary in the closet then go to the mosque.

Next Step Spells:

  • 1-There is hair in the bathroom.
  • 2-There is a photo outside in the cabin.
  • 3-There’s paper after the video on the TV.
  • 4-Again go cabin and take teddybear.
  • 5-There’s paper on the glass in the small room.
  • 6-The last one is on the door of the kitchen cabinet.

Next Step Key:

  • 1-Outside on the ground in the jungle on the right side of the house.

Next Step Underground:

  • 1-After the cemetery there is a bright lamp in front of the house.
  • 2-Don’t forget to get the gold from the forest.
  • 3-Left click on the floor.
Written by megalodoN-P

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