Encased – Balanced OP Build

I have been doing a lot of theory crafting back and forth and finally came up with the most complete guide to any class.

Yeah you read right, every class or ways to play the game can be used with this build, both melee, energy, psyonic or gun lover. It’s all in this package and it’s surprisingly logical and easy to follow.

The best of all, it’s surprisingly strong early game, even on the highest difficulty.

At this quick guide I will only show you up to level 15. From there you can go whatever path you want, you have all the tools of disposal.

The Build

The idea is to maximize the effectiveness of the OP perks in the game as quickly as possible.

Your Starting Stats (Black Wing):

  • Muscle: 4 (+1)
  • Perception: 8
  • Guts: 5
  • Charisma: 8
  • Brains: 5
  • Deftness: 5
  • Fortune: 5
  • Psyche: 5


  • Black Wing: +1 Muscle, +20 Fortitude, +15 Heavy Weapons, +15 Hand to Hand, +15 Melee Weapons, +20 Piloting
  • or…
  • Silver wing: +1 Charisma, 2 + skill points, +20 Psyionics + 20 influence

(Note: You can pick whatever Wing you want, but these two are the strongest. Black wing for early game, and Silver Wing for late game)

Just remember to put the one stat you get for from the wing for free to 4 and both CHA and PER must be 8 when the game starts.


Gun Fanatic are OP, same with Penitent One. Recommend Gun Fanatic as the downsite (negative 5 initiative) can be neglected with The art of war perk and other buffs in the game. It’s really not THAT of big of a deal tbh. You still get to move only once every round and you can position yourself to avoid problems moving last will result in. Gun Fanatic will also give you a huge boost toward all range weapons, giving you plenty of options through the game.

Pentitent One are also good if you are playing a character that avoids damage by being a sniper or at least away from the frontline. It’s a bit more risky on higher difficulty, but worth it if you save a lot. Gives you 10+ buff to all abilities. 140 points in total. Very nice. The downsite are the Critical Hit 50% more damage recieved.


You can also go Bossy if you want 10 in CHA and PER, just lower one in CHA (8–>7) and increase one in PER (8–>9)

You then get access to Lead by example and tacticians eye perks.

Also Pressure point from hand to hand combat if you want that. Ideal for high crit hand-to-hand builds. Bossy reduce your accuracy by 5 and it hurt before you start getting good gear, but not that much of a big deal. The Encumbrance -25 hurt way more, especially early game when you don’t have companions.


  • Observant (lev 3)
  • Renaissance person (lev 6)
  • Mysterious Patronage (lev 9)
  • Filler – Maybe rising star (lev 11)
  • Filler — Maybe intensive training (lev 13)
  • Self improvement (lev 15)

The idea:

1. Get Observant early to maximize gained skill points (+3 every level up)

2. Picking Renaissance Person at next available moment to get 9 in both Charisma and Perception (among all other stats) Improves all stats by one. (requirement for this perk is insane)

3. With 9 in CHA and PER, and level 9, you can now pick Mysterious Patronage giving you access to PERKS every 2 level instead of every 3 levels.

4. Two filler picks, depends what you want in the game. Rising Star is good (gives you a big bonus toward every faction) and Intensive Training is insane for all, but pacifics builds. (gives you more AP basically)

5. Pick Self Improvment and improve 6 skills at once.

Stats at Level 15:

  • Muscle: 7
  • Perception: 9 (10)*
  • Guts: 7
  • Charisma: 9 (10)*
  • Brains: 7
  • Deftness: 7
  • Fortune: 7
  • Psyche: 7

* If you picked the Bossy trait.

Written by Aeon


  1. Hello.

    For my second run, I wanted to max the game as much as it is possible, so i started the build with picking the LONER trait. The result was reaching 63 lvls (69 after murdering the whole final camp) having 220+ learnability from lvl15, and maxed all skills to 150+.

    Basically when I was killing 2-3 enemies with the same lvl of mine i was getting a level up. Truly OP build, I don’t think you can make anything better. Maybe if you find a way to make higher Learnability…

    • what wing did u choose? I’m hesitating between blue or silver – blue might give you more hitpoints due to more levels and more perks than silver wing and faster access to higher stats.

      • So I tried bossy route as Blue Wing with specs in Criminal, influence and high tech weapons at classic difficulty. Stealth Dart Guns is OP, psyniocs as supplemental weapon. Loner since lvl 3. learnability at 15 was 249 – I have 5 relics for learnability. Currently sitting at 280+ learnability, in Servoshell it will be 290. Dunno if there is any chest armor that gives that stat. Due to high level I outlevel combat encounters and have big health pool – 700hp at level 33. Get everything to 30 first, then Survival for 3x experience and Science for learnability, then pump Criminal and High tech till Relic Dart skill. Use Wasp and Kraut. Steal everything. There is one exploit I used once – barter all your money to the unimportant npc you gonna kill – with 90k in cash they give around 50k exp when looting. I just collected all the parts for the Emulator machine – dunno how much exp I can earn in act 1. Since the beginning I can pass every stat check except different Wings checks.

        • Update for any future players.

          I’m in the middle of act and reached level 72 – 287 learnability in servoshell with 3 relics for EXP. When buffed my dart gun relic has a tooltip of 333-500, there are enough lucky cookiec, agiltone capsules and cigarattes to use them constantly. I did not kill companions because I locked myself from getting them cause I took loner before meeting any of them. Only one weapon skill left to be maxed. There is no point to be such high level, you can easilly finish the game at level 30. I run out of perks to choose – all that’s left are companion perks which do not benefit the player.

          • Employee log#3.

            Clocked in 98hours and after thorough playthrough I ended at level 86. Killed no companions and none of the faction leaders. Level 100 was achievable but the challenge of the game was lost completely at levels 35-40. In the end I had over hundered unused skillpoitns so I stopped persuing the XP points. This build can use any type of weapon efficiently. XP relics after some point are not needed, I used servoshell stealth system, bunny ears, crit relic, evasion/psyche relic and fortune relic. Would like to see more high lvl enemies and a sequel :). If you want some quick levels remember to give all your bucks to the NPC and then kill it – I only did it with the unimportant NPC or ones I could talk first before fight. Overall game gave me comparable joy to the Fallout series or even… Divnity Original Sin, especially in act 1.

            Employee ends his servitude under the Dome.

  2. I tried this build and it was a blast. A couple of mentions:
    1) You’d want to go the Bossy route if you want to choose the Loner perk because this allows you to also get the Action Hero perk for that sweet +40% damage.
    2) If you prioritize learnability buffs and perks over anything in time you’ll gain several levels above your enemies in any encounters. Especially combined with Loner this leads to a really OP character in the long run.
    3) Chef could actually work better as an early filler perk than Rising Star. Early on you need Rising Star just for a few special dialogue options. You miss out on a few hundred exp but Chef will give you thousands of exp from a single vendor. And it’s the only perk that allows you to exchange money for exp.

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