VALKYRIE ELYSIUM – Playstation 4 Buttons Mod

Super easy mod that will swap Xbox prompts with PS4 Dualshock 4 prompts.


Hello everyone, I’ll make this nice and short. So basically if you hate Xbox prompts and you’re tired of devs not normalizing swapping them with literally anything else, I took matter in my own hands and replaced them with Dualshock 4 buttons, like on PS4.

I’m not going to lie, it isn’t probably perfect and I didn’t test it throughoughly but it should work in all gameplay related scenarios.

The only place where Xbox prompts show up is in the options menu where you select Type A B or C button layout (screenshot attached).


Super simple stuff

  1. Download the file here from this Google Drive link.
  2. Copy the ValkPS4.pak from what you just downloaded
  3. Navigate to “Steam\steamapps\common\VALKYRIE ELYSIUM\VALKYRIE_ELYSIUM\Content\Paks\”
  4. Inside the “Paks” folder, create a folder called “~mods”
  5. Put ValkPS4.pak inside the “~mods” folder

So the whole path should look like this with the ValkPS4.pak inside the mods folder you just created:

  • “Steam\steamapps\common\VALKYRIE ELYSIUM\VALKYRIE_ELYSIUM\Content\Paks\~mods”


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