VALKYRIE ELYSIUM – Remove Noise Grain Filter

Please note: all credit goes to Baal !

Does exactly what you think it does. A highly requested mod that removes the weird film grain noise in distance.


  1. Download the file here from Google Drive.
  2. Copy the ValkGrainOff_P.pak from what you just downloaded.
  3. Navigate to “Steam\steamapps\common\VALKYRIE ELYSIUM\VALKYRIE_ELYSIUM\Content\Paks\”
  4. Inside the “Paks” folder, create a folder called “~mods” (maybe you already have it if you used my PS4 prompts mod).
  5. Put ValkGrainOff_P.pak inside the “~mods” folder.

So the whole path should look like this with the ValkGrainOff_P.pak inside the mods folder you just created:

  • Steam\steamapps\common\VALKYRIE ELYSIUM\VALKYRIE_ELYSIUM\Content\Paks~mods

Have fun!

It comes with a little side effect of gradient effect being more visible (move around the area in Valhalla shown on screnshot and you’ll see what I mean), unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to remove that.


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