Victoria 3 – Broken Promises Guide

You ever saw that achievement at the bottom of the list and thought, how do I do that? Its actually quite easy.

Becoming Italy

All credit goes to Amerika Rhineland !

In order to actually get the achievement, we need to actually form Italy. This is one of the most painful steps because of outside influence.

Step 1: Vassalize The Pope

By doing this, we can easily get the lands needed to become a claimant to the title of Italy. Typically a major will side with the pope (my game, the enemy was france). So you want to have Austria as an ally for obligation because that forces the enemy on the northern front, and if possible another major to attack the major that supports the pope.

If austria supports the pope and your feeling lucky, you can try to go for your italian lands.

Step 2: Befriend The Nations

After you vassalize the pope, you need to befriend your fellow italian states. Don’t worry about the austrian lands, we will get them later. But right now we need to make all of them as happy as possible.

Step 3: Tech Rush Nationalism

Rush it so you can form italy faster. Make sure all your italian states love you.

And there is Italy formed.

Wait Like 80 Years

This is going to be the hard part. Stay stable and be casual but here are some stuff that will keep you busy

Keep Britain, France, Prussia, Russia, And Austria Alive And Well

If they fall out of great power, then some random nation like brazil, spain, and qing can become majors and force you to befriend more nations which you dont have influence for.

Attacking Austria

Befriend prussia and take your pre ww1 lands as to not create too much threat, you want as little nations to hate you as possible.

This war can be as easy as making the austrians focus on the prussian border and you simply walk in like mine was.

Attacking The Ottomans

The ottomans are destined to die and are your only natural enemy without harming the achievement, so kill em. You will want to take Tunis and Libya first, and Albania sometime cause italy stromnk, while also supporting Greece (they will desire their land back and overall a good buffer state), Egypt (screw ottomans), Serbia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia. This will increase the chance of a civil war later and could cause a situation where you get the achievement while also growing yourself.

Attacking the austrians again. Go for South Tyrol and Istria this time for based Italy. Also these states have good industry which will be CRITICAL later


Idk you have 80 years go do something, Colonizing Kenya and later the congo through kenya is a great idea because of the rubber and wood.

Treaty Port In The Qing

If you feel extra strong, you will want to get a treaty port in the Qing Empire. This is because the Qing dont really like opium, they are really really love paper like no tomorrow, and you can exploit this fact. Also the Qing should really adore you afterwards if you trade enough paper by the tens of thousands. This should enable your economy to catch up with the majors.


Its a vicky game, but also you need this future money for bankrolling which is crucial.

Doing the Achievement

Now with the preliminary stuff done, its time to actually do the achievement

Tech Rushing

If the tech Multilateral Alliances is 5 years away, RUSH IT, by rushing it we encourage other ai’s to discover it through us having it or by neighbor bonus.

Befriend Everyone

You should be good if you’ve been doing this for a while now but keep maintaining, Britain is a hard one, so bank roll them. You want to get an obligation, and then absolve it giving an immediate 30 relations boost.

Be Ready

A civil war should start soon between some nation, wait for two majors to go on the same side. If germany formed, you want the Balkans to be chaotic for extra chances.

Its Happening

Wait a bit, this way they switch from cautious or something to genial for being on the same side, give them BOTH the alliance option

Final Step

Now, with the achievement ready, Load the Pistol with the standard Penne ammo, and prepare your uncooked pasta knife, and press the switch sides to the enemy side. Stab the first power while they aren’t looking, and shoot at the other before he cant react.

The achievement will be complete upon switching side.

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