Void’s Calling Ep. 2 – Basic Guide (Gameplay and Mechanics)

This is a basic guide to help you understand how the game and mechanics work.

Guide to Basics


You won’t find any sort of best solutions here, only some hints and tips to make sure you can complete the game without much of a trouble. There will be alternative paths during some quests, but those won’t be mentioned here. Mostly due to the fact they aren’t ready yet.

General Guide

The main quests are highlighted by an exclamation mark on the map. Side quests are highlighted by a question mark. The brothel, bathhouse and other repeatable events aren’t highlighted at all.


In order to complete this quest, you must have finished «Drunk lady» quest from the first episode of the game.

Answer options:

  1. Are you sick, friend?
  2. Get out of my sight. I have no time for this!

The right choice would be go to the temple first. Make sure to have some money on you. 75 talens.

The fight in the mountains won’t be easy, you’ll face vampires of level 12. If you’re playing on easy difficulty, it shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s a medium difficulty, you should be at least 11-12 level, have a belt and some potions with you.


If you don’t buy a blessing for Anro before heading out to the mountains, he’ll die, and the quest will be considered failed.

Answer options:

  1. Give her… your own blood.
  2. Maybe a ghoul’s blood will do?

Answer options:

  1. Thanks but no, I’ll pass.
  2. It’s hard to resist such an offer.

The search for Kagera

Answer options:

  • 1-1. It’s best to curb the noble impulses
  • 1-2. It’s time someone showed that ♥♥♥ his place!

You can go either to the brothel for the information or to the inn. It’s entirely up to you. Two different locations with different scenes.

There are some tough enemies (level 13) on the boat. Make sure to stack up on healing potions.

There are routes that lead to alternative outcomes, those aren’t implemented yet.

Other content

  • You can meet a «peasant girl» at the cabin in the forest if you saved her in the first episode.
  • The bathhouse also has some new content.
  • The brothel’s been expanded.
  • There’s some new content in Kilena’s room, but it’s not complete yet.
  • The church has a new event as well.

Monster Hunts

There are simple tasks you can accept from the alchemist or armourer to kill monsters outside the town. They allow you to earn quite a lot of money in case you want to buy new equipment or potions.

They can lead to quite difficult fights later on, so be ready for that!

Combat System

  • To equip potions, you need one of the belts that you can buy from the alchemist. A more expensive belt gives more slots.
  • Potions are equipped in inventory. First you need to equip the belt, then place the potions on it.

Combat screen

In order to hit the enemy, you need to select a type of attack:

The first 4 attacks do not require rage to use. Other attacks are more powerful but cost rage to use.

Two buttons in the upper right corner are responsible for auto combat and escape from battle.

Auto combat – starts the calculation of the battle in real time. If you want to stop this process, press the button again.

Escape from battle – an opportunity to leave an unsuccessfully developing battle (in some fights this will be impossible). You can fail the attempt to escape, in which case you need to wait one round before trying again.

An important indicator is accuracy and damage (higher numbers = better).

Accordingly, for enemies with higher evasion, it is better to use precision strikes. Armoured enemies are easier to kill with powerful strikes.

Poisoned and blind statuses weaken the enemy (or the hero).


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