Farming Simulator 22 – Definitive Guide to Pigs (Food Consumption and Value)

A quick insight into food consumption and values of pigs in FS22.

Pigs Guide

Pig Mathematics

In the most basic sense, I just wanted to know how much pigs consume of each food, how their age plays a role in their consumption and how the value of pigs increases over time.

As you can see in this image I wrote down the amount of food, food types, the age and value of the pigs, their health and their productivity. You can also see how much slurry they produced but not the manure since I didn’t have any straw at hand.

I used 10 German Landrace for this test. Over the course of a month (8AM to 8AM) they consumed a total of 900 liters of combined food.

  • 450 Liters of base food
  • 225 Liters of grain
  • 180 Liters of protein
  • 45 Liters of root crops

Their value increased by 25€ which is consistent in the testing. Every month very pig gains 25€ in value. The amount at which they sell at is directly tied to their percentage of health. That means to sell your pig at 100% of their value you need to supply all food types the moment the clock strikes 0 and the month changes.

I then did the test with 1 animal over the course of 21 months, selling the offspring at 8AM everytime the pig gave birth. That means that their offspring consumed ~2 liters of food between midnight (birth) and 8AM (selling).

Between the age of 0 months all the way until they reach their reproductive age of 6 months the pigs food demand slowly increases. The first change (0-1 Months) sees an increase from 0 to ~9 liters. Each subsequent month the consumption is raised by another ~15 liters. This growth maxes out at 6 months (reproductive age) at 90 liters a month per pig.

I hope this guide has given you some insight into how pigs work in FS22.


Written by sarahfawks

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