Volcano Princess – Topics / Stories

Just a table with Topics and Stories in the Volcano Princess game.


Toad’s best friend1 Charisma20 EMO
Black Bear Hercules1 Stamina20 STR
Mysterious Sea Monster1 Stamina20 STR
Puppet’s Friendship1 Charisma20 EMO
Little horse crossing1 Mind20 INT
Crow drinks water1 Mind20 INT
Lonely Polaris1 Charisma20 IMG
Where did the catepillar go?1 Mind20 INT
The determined scarecrow1 Stamina20 INT
The volcano princess1 Charisma20 IMG
The golden spoon of honesty1 Mind20 INT
The tooth fairy1 Charisma20 IMG
Sloth is so slow1 Stamina20 STR
Papa’s childhood1 Stamina20 STR1 Affection
The old man grows pears1 Charisma20 EMO
Papa’s life1 Stamina20 STR1 Affection
Tiger detective1 Mind20 INT
Beware the plague mouse1 Mind20 INT
Little Yellow Duck Loves Its Mother1 Charisma20 EMO
The tortoise and the hare1 Mind20 INT
Wisedom Maze1 Mind20 INT
The Honest Great White Goose1 Charisma20 EMO
Little blonde princess1 Charisma20 IMG1 Affection
Swan Girl1 Charisma20 EMO
Little tadpole is missing1 Mind20 INT
Kittens love math1 Mind20 INT
The aggrieved little frog1 Mind20 INT
Don’t lose your temper1 Stamina20 EMO
Butterfly Dancing Shoes1 Charisma20 IMG
I can organize toys1 Mind20 INT
Best Friends Forever1 Charisma20 IMG
Papa’s hobby1 Stamina20 STR1 Affection
Cowardly warrior1 Stamina20 STR
Papa’s healthy recipes1 Stamina20 STR1 Affection
No one cares about dandelions1 Stamina20 STR
Sleeping star1 Stamina20 STR


Favorite Season143
Praise for job done well153
Recent dream153
About the future133
Things you’re afraid about123
Share secret153
Be careful of magical beast153
Never go wrong if you listen papa12 Darkness3
Dice Duel103
Do you want a pet103
Do you believe in destiny143
Can’t swear123
Need to be more lady like12 Darkness3
Favourite Teacher113
Close friend183
Need to listen teacher103
Return home soon after school133
Don’t get to close to boy13 Darkness3
Papa will take care of you153
Modesty and humility133
Praise [Your Child Name]153
Always trust183
Criticize13 Darkness3
What’s your favorite thing103
About the lord193
It’s better not to be in a relationship12 Darkness3
About boys143
Be more serious13 Darkness3
Don’t work too hard183
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