Volcano Princess – Romance Endings

Romance Guide

Each playthrough can have one career ending and one romance ending.

Currently, most romance endings have no requirements other than reaching maximum relationship + watching all 3 events of ROs.

Note: You cannot have a romance ending if you follow Archbishop, Priest and Nun route.

Nina’s BrideMarry NinaMax Nina’s relationship. Max: Full hearts of character, best friend level.
Painter’s MockingbirdMarry BensonMax Benson’s relationship. You must pick the corresponding lord’s house for the lords’ romance ending.
The judge’s St.Elmo’s FireMarry ZeMax Ze’s relationship
Chef’s HoneyMarry MonaMax Mona’s relationship
Musician’s SunMarry CraigMax Craig’s relationship
The Bird of RedMarry HackettMax Hackett’s relationship
The Novelist’s HeroineMarry LonMax Lon’s relationship
The Queen’s Exclusive KnightMarry GwynethMax Gwyneth’s relationship
The Scholar’s Spring BreezeMarry ClaudeMax Claude’s relationship
The Bard’s CompanionMarry DerekMax Derek’s relationship
My Cloth DesignerMarry RebeccaMax Rebecca’s relationship
Mutual CareMarry MaryMax Mary’s relationship
The Prince’s Ever AfterMarry KennethMax Kenneth’s relationship
Braveheart LakesideMarry LebsaMax Lebsa’s Relationship
The Nun’s KeeperMarry ConnieMax Connie’s Relationship
A Promise to GrandpaMarry EllenMax Basilou’s Relationship
Soldier’s WifeMarry MarkMax Mark’s relationship
My Weapon ForgerMarry Blacksmith’s sonMax Blacksmith’s relationship. The blacksmith’s name isn’t fixed in the English translation, and don’t worry, I came to this end without even meeting his son once in the game.

The following are supposedly romantic endings (with more than one person).

NameRelated charactersRequirements
Kite of the Royal FamilyGwyneth and KennethPick Royal House, max relationship with both
Let’s Harvest Wheat TogetherBenson, Hackett, Craig, Lon and ZeMax relationship with all those guys
Girl’s ParadiseMona and NinaMax relationship with both
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