Wandering Sword – Guide to Abilities and Capacities

Ability Guide


Each of a wanderer’s abilities (strength, dexterity, tenacity and intellect) is both used as a threshold to determine how likely they are to succeed at certain challenges, and to delineate the wanderer’s capacities (carry slots, hit tolerance and power limit), as outlined below.


Strength represents physical might, power and endurance. It is rolled when using weapons with the brute property, for blocking, and for challenges of physical strength. Each point of strength also provides 1 carry slot in which gear can be held.


Dexterity represents speed, agility and precision. It is rolled when using weapons with the finesse property, for dodging and disengaging, and for challenges relating to reflexes and crafting.


Tenacity represents grit and toughness. It is rolled when using heinous magics. Each point of tenacity also provides 1 hit tolerance, reflecting how much damage wanderers can take, and inhumanity tolerance is tenacity + 10, reflecting how well a wanderer responds to returning from death.


Intellect represents mental acumen, academic prestige, and willpower. It is rolled when using courtly and shrine magics. Each point of intellect grants 1 power limit, reflecting the total number of powers a wanderer can know at a time.

Limits to Abilities

Each ability may have a maximum score of 10. An ability at 5 reflects a wanderer who is untrained or unskilled in the area. 6-7 represent competency, and 8-10 heroic abilities. Certain magical effects may boost this score beyond these limitations.

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