Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Vigil Station Oblivium Grimoire Locations

This guide contains all the locations (that I have found up until this point) of the Grimoire spawns on the map Vigil Station Oblivium.

Locations of Vigil Station Oblivium Grimoire

Grimoire Locations

Grimoire 1

After clearing the start area and reaching the more open part of the map, you’ll enter a building where you’ll find a medicae station next to a circular area. Head through the left door and the grimoire will be in the arches.

Grimoire 2

Before reaching the medicae station present before the mid event, youll cross a corridor with 2 small side corridors. The Grimoire will be hidden on the one with a wooden cart.

Grimoire 3

Proceed into the big room before the end event. From the bridge you’ll see a statue, you want to go on the platform to the left of it (see screenshot). The grimoire is behind some trash.

Grimoire 4

This grimoire will be at the end event. With your back facing the elevator, go the the left most side and walk along the wall. The grimoire is at the end of that small alley.


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